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When did you make the decision to teach autistic students?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Special Education Teacher interview

How to Answer

This can be answered briefly by telling the interviewer about your first exposure working as a Special Education Teacher with autistic students.

When did you make the decision to teach autistic students?
Answer example

"Working with autistic students wasn't always my area of focus. I was first exposed to it with school ABC and since then, it became my primary focus. I was passionate about it and did really well with that area of special education."

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When did you make the decision to teach autistic students?
When I worked in a preschool that had a child with Autism. I also worked in a special needs summer camp and I saw the joy that an Autistic Child had. It was great seeing her enjoy her time at camp and having fun with me at all times.
I was a para-professional in Autistic Support.
I have always worked with students who had different needs, it just happened.
Several members of my family have similar disabilities and I saw how they struggled when all there needs were not met.
Its natural, I was driven to it,
While working on my Masters degree.
When I first met an autistic student. I found this student to be unforgettable. I wanted to learn how to provide the assistance autistic children needed to succeed.
An autism authorization is built into my teaching credential. Autism is just one of many disabilities we see in students in special education but I see it as a learning experience to grow in my knowledge and career. I made the decision to teach special education when I spent some time in Haiti in 2012 working with students with disabilities.
Many years ago when I became a Special Education Paraprofessional.
I am believer in everyone being treated with dignity. Individuals with Autism all differ and deserve a right to reach their full potential and dreams.
I realized that students on the autism spectrum are very unique and need a positive, dependable, creative, and organized person in there life to teach critical life skills.
During my summers during college, I worked for the Wisconsin Early Autism Project. While working with a few autistic students, I realized then that I wanted to work with students with autism. I loved every minute of working with my students and feel drawn to students with autism. I feel as though I have a calling to work with students with autism.
When I met a student that was on the spectrum last year. Something about him just made my day that made me want to work with others like him.
I saw a desire to learn in their eyes as well as fear. I wanted to make learning a fun activity not scary or difficult.
I made the decision when I was in middle school. A young girl I babysat was diagnosed with Autism. She was a sweet girl and she only wanted to talk to a few people and I was one of them. I felt special and that I wanted this connection with other students.
Everyone can learn and everyone needs the opportunity to learn. I am patient and determined to find a way to figure out the way a student learns whether autistic or not.
When I started working with a child with ASD as my first job.
I thought it would be challenging working with autistic children ever since I watched a program on TV and they found success with giving the autistic child a dog.
My son has Special needs and he has some traits on the Autism Spectrum and then I was also able to work as an aide in the public school for several years and I enjoyed working with children who have Autism.

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