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What makes you stand out among other applicants?

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When answering this question, be sure to draw on your special skills, interests and training that others may not have. What makes you unique?

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"I believe I stand out among other applicants because I have taken additional training in managing students with behavioural disorders. My experience so far has included work with a lot of students who are severely disabled and some with multiple challenges. Also, my passion is in true alignment with your program and I feel it would be a seamless move."

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"I think that I stand out through a combination of my character traits, my abilities, and my experiences. There are plenty of people who are compassionate, and plenty of people who have teaching certificates, just like I do. But not everyone has had the experience of building meaningful relationships with parents. I did that when I was working at Red Apple Education, because I genuinely care about my students, the families of my students, and the community that they live in. In fact, it got to the point where people were asking for me specifically, which made me very happy because it told me that I'm doing a really good job."

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What makes you stand out among other applicants?
I am a true advocate for students with special needs. I realize each child is an individual and.
I have a strong background in Positive Behavior Supports. I use technology to help bridge the learning gaps. I look for the root of the problem and then focus on finding a solution. I understand the needs of students who come from low income families. I am focused on helping all students reach their full potential.
I am committed to the special education field. I started an art program in the rehabilitation field and managers suggested I become a teacher because of my ability to observe individual needs of people with a variety of physical and mental challenges as well as show progress through appropriate curriculum adaptations.
My attitude towards my job. I am thourough.
My individuality and trusting that my own choices are good ones. I actually confident about myself.
I have a proven track record of being highly effective and impactful with students and families. I also work well with my peers and am able to share my knowledge and strategies in a collaborative way.
I would still consider myself very new to the teaching world but that also makes me open to change. With curriculum changing by the year it seems and new programs being introduced, I am easily adaptable to the changes and willing to learn the new material and incorporate it into my lessons so my students receive the best education I can give them.
I love working with the special ed. Students, Iam very flexiable, stay in close touch with the reg. Ed. Teacher I can get along with anyone I want the reg. Ed. Teacher to understand I am a resource for them. I have a great sense of humor.
I have always taught. My very first day of college I was taken to the local high school and told this class is yours and the professor walked away. The students and I had a great time, we covered the material I was told about in the 50 yards from the offie to classroom. I was told later that I was asked for each time the teacher was sick. I have taught from coast to coast and 1/2 way around the world. I have experienced various cultures and likes to help kids understand the world around us. I teach prehistory skills at rendezvous and for assemblies. I taught classes, grades and schools and strive to keep everyone actively engaged in the lesson. My love of teaching shows in the students I teach.
What makes me stand out among others is that I am very dedicated to students and their education. I work extremely hard to differentiate instruction to cater towards all students learning.
I am a patient and caring person and I think that is important when considering a person for a special education teacher.
I have over 14 years of experience working with a variety of students with disabilities and during that time I have provide differiented instruction to those I work with. In addition, I have am familiar with working with community agencies that provide support to individuals with disabilities, which help with transition services.
My big heart, being patience, and my love for special need children.
Because I want to help them.
My experience makes me stand out among other applicants.
I have a huge heart that absolutely aches for children that are struggling at school and even more so for children who have a poor home life. This makes me work twice as hard to better their lives at school.
I think what makes me stand out among other applicants is.
I have life experience as well as job experience. I decided to go back to school to have the opportunity to teach special education. I have a lot of common sense and I am will to learn.
I have the drive and initiative. As you can see from my application, I am graduating with a 4.0. Grades are not everything, but for me that was my goal since I stepped foot on the campus of BGSU, I wanted to receive a 4.0. If I am that dedicated to my studies, you can bet that I will be that dedicated to my job and students.
I have been impacting students life in a positive way for the pass 10 years by helping them to become productive citezens.
What a stupid question. How can I measure myself against the competition when I don't know who they are. It's not as if you will let me have a copy of their CVs (which is illegal) so I can highlight advantages over them. I can talk about me till the cows come home but thats not really answering the question.
The patience I havee to work with students with special needs.
I stand out from the other applicants because I have a personal vested interest in special education, other than it being my career. I have my own child who has a learning disability and what this brings to me as a special education teacher is that I have a much broader perspective from the parent's point of view.
I stand out among other applicants bec. I believe having the experience working with children with.
I have an undergraduate degree in art education. I use art lessons to reinforce what we are currently using in the classroom and to address iep needs. I am a hard worker and dedicated educator. I always put the students' needs first and make sure that are getting the most out of a day at school.
I think what makes me stand out above other applicants is my positive attitude towards life and my overall passion towards student success. There are many qualified candidates in the field of education, but I am not only qualified, but also love being able to help others reach a goal that perhaps they thought was unattainable, and by helping students in any circumstance realize their potential in every aspect of their life.
I have a diverse background of experience and the strength of age.
I have a set of stilts at home.
Being a special needs teacher for more than 4 years, my experiences in this field contributed to the skill I possess by knowing how to adapt the curriculum to the needs of the students to maximize learning and make learning as meaningful to them as possible.
Because teaching is a second career, I feel most schools would find me more mature and more experienced than most new teachers, bringing more life experiences and general skills to the table. I am an incredibly hard worker, highly organized, and skilled at building successful working relationships with all kinds of people. I also bring with me leadership qualities, all of which will bring success in the classroom.
Even though I have been in this field for over 5 years, I am still very passionate about learing new strategies/reserches on working with students with autism. My experience working at the small NPS gave me great deal of opportunites to attend workshops and trainings. I have a great deal of experience with AAC, students with behaviors, analyzing/writing behavior support plans, etc. Worked for a small school, I got to have chances to work with different age levels of students. I worked with K through 8 with various challenges.
I am a hard worker, have the urge to help people, I am a leader.
I have worked in the education and charity sectors working with children with diverse sets of children with wide range of needs. Therefore I am able to work with children of all abilities as I am flexable and adaptable to different settings.I am able to use my own intiative, organised and think on my feet in unexpected situations. I am able to build good relationships with all children, adults and parents.
My positive attitude and genuine care about students will stand out the most compared to others. I hold high expectations of my students as well as myself.
I am great at coming with activities to do with special needs children and making crafts. I know what do if a child has a seizure and transfer a cerebral palsy child to the floor and back to the chair.
My desire to create the best educational environment for my students, expecting the best from each one and helping them to achieve their goals is one of my outstanding qualities. I am always working to learn better ways to reach my students because education is a life long process.
I have the unique experience of many years of child development, classroom teaching, and ESOL.
The qualities that make me stand out the most is my dedication, commitment, organization, and kindness. This year, I have reached out to all of my students, staff and faculty to prove that I am 100% dedicated to my position. Some examples for these qualities are providing my students with daily after school program for academic success, preparing students in ELA Scholars program for the ELA assessment, and one position that I loved the most was having the opportunity to be a Modified Track and Distance coach. Where I possessed all of these qualities as well.
If you decided to choose me would see that I am a very passionate, organized, and dedicated teacher who has a very diverse and strong background in helping all students achieve in a variety of settings.
I am an individual who is committed to making education a lasting experience rather than a lecture to be endured. I believe in a 'go to where the student is and walk with them' philosophy, as opposed to someone who expects students to come to where the educator is.I have a strong background in technology, differentiated instruction, and a communication-based environment.
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