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What makes you stand out among other applicants?
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I am great at coming with activities to do with special needs children and making crafts. I know what do if a child has a seizure and transfer a cerebral palsy child to the floor and back to the chair.
I am a true advocate for students with special needs. I realize each child is an individual and.
I have the unique experience of many years of child development, classroom teaching, and ESOL.
I have a strong background in Positive Behavior Supports. I use technology to help bridge the learning gaps. I look for the root of the problem and then focus on finding a solution. I understand the needs of students who come from low income families. I am focused on helping all students reach their full potential.
I am committed to the special education field. I started an art program in the rehabilitation field and managers suggested I become a teacher because of my ability to observe individual needs of people with a variety of physical and mental challenges as well as show progress through appropriate curriculum adaptations.
My attitude towards my job. I am thourough.
My individuality and trusting that my own choices are good ones. I actually confident about myself.
I have a proven track record of being highly effective and impactful with students and families. I also work well with my peers and am able to share my knowledge and strategies in a collaborative way.
I would still consider myself very new to the teaching world but that also makes me open to change. With curriculum changing by the year it seems and new programs being introduced, I am easily adaptable to the changes and willing to learn the new material and incorporate it into my lessons so my students receive the best education I can give them.
I love working with the special ed. Students,i am very flexiable,stay in close touch with the reg.ed. Teacher I can get along with anyone I want the reg.ed. Teacher to understand I am a resource for them.i have a great sense of humor.