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What exposures have you had in Teaching?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Special Education Teacher interview

How to Answer

This can be answered by following along with your resume. Starting at the beginning of your career can sometimes make this easier to answer.

What exposures have you had in Teaching?
Answer example

"My first teaching experience was the internship with school ABC while finishing my 4th year of my Education degree. From there, I moved into a position with school XYZ as the teachers' assistant for a Grade 5 class..."

Answer example

"I was a volunteer tutor at the Red Apple Tutoring Center for 2 years. I taught first-grade children English and math skills. In addition to that, as a part of my coursework and initial certification, I was required to participate in a program where I observed and assisted a teacher in a public school for 8 weeks. During that time, I had valuable exposure to how teachers applied the things I learned in school in a real classroom."

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What exposures have you had in Teaching?
Student teaching in a Humanities classroom combining Language Arts, Geology, Geography, and Science in projects utilizing a standards based proficiency system and a high school art in grades 10-12. I have been a long term special education substitute as well as repeat substitute focusing on special educatin classrooms where I built significant relationships with students and staff to witness progress as well as tutoring students with special needs and volunteering.
As a new graduate, my most extensive teaching has been during student teaching.
I had been exposed to a variety of academic settings. I started out teaching in a non public sector working with EBD students and then went to a public sector -RSP and finally SDC -EBD self contained environment.
Test giving, differentated instruction, small group read,
I have been teaching indivdiduals with disabilities for over 18 years and I am a tutor as well as substitute teacher.
I was substitute teacher for one year, a learning support paraprofessional for 6 years, a emotional support paraprofessional for one year, am a SpellRead teacher, and a Sunday school teacher.
I have had the pleasure to teach kindergarten for 2 years in Illinois. I have also taught preschool age children for 3 years. I was a paraprofessional for 2 years and am currently a 1:1 aide for a boy who has adhd.
Classroom observations during college, organizing and teaching at VBS for mission trips and at the church, teaching in africa, student teaching in 1-2 combo SDC class and middle school RSP, teaching as and education specialist at david and margaret, and teaching as a long term sub in k-1 SDC
I have worked with Learning Support and Regular Education Teachers when I was a Student Helper in an elementary school. I worked as an Instructional Aide in an Emotional Support Classroom; K - 2nd grade, at the High School Level as an Instructional Aide in Inclusion Classrooms, as a Reading Specialist Aide at the elementary level, and as an Itinerant Special Education Teacher at the High School level.
I was a cadet teacher and helped the children with assignments and made activities. I am an AmeriCorps member that supervises the children at recess and helps the presenters with the activities they are doing. I was also a preschool aide that incorporated technology into lessons like the alphabet and colors.
I have taught 2 yearsin a public school.

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