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What exposures have you had in Teaching?
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Student teaching in a Humanities classroom combining Language Arts, Geology, Geography, and Science in projects utilizing a standards based proficiency system and a high school art in grades 10-12. I have been a long term special education substitute as well as repeat substitute focusing on special educatin classrooms where I built significant relationships with students and staff to witness progress as well as tutoring students with special needs and volunteering.
As a new graduate, my most extensive teaching has been during student teaching.
I had been exposed to a variety of academic settings. I started out teaching in a non public sector working with EBD students and then went to a public sector -RSP and finally SDC -EBD self contained environment.
Test giving, differentated instruction, small group read,
I have been teaching indivdiduals with disabilities for over 18 years and I am a tutor as well as substitute teacher.
I was substitute teacher for one year, a learning support paraprofessional for 6 years, a emotional support paraprofessional for one year, am a SpellRead teacher, and a Sunday school teacher.
I have had the pleasure to teach kindergarten for 2 years in Illinois. I have also taught preschool age children for 3 years. I was a paraprofessional for 2 years and am currently a 1:1 aide for a boy who has adhd.
Classroom observations during college, organizing and teaching at VBS for mission trips and at the church, teaching in africa, student teaching in 1-2 combo SDC class and middle school RSP, teaching as and education specialist at david and margaret, and teaching as a long term sub in k-1 SDC
I have worked with Learning Support and Regular Education Teachers when I was a Student Helper in an elementary school. I worked as an Instructional Aide in an Emotional Support Classroom; K - 2nd grade, at the High School Level as an Instructional Aide in Inclusion Classrooms, as a Reading Specialist Aide at the elementary level, and as an Itinerant Special Education Teacher at the High School level.
I was a cadet teacher and helped the children with assignments and made activities. I am an AmeriCorps member that supervises the children at recess and helps the presenters with the activities they are doing. I was also a preschool aide that incorporated technology into lessons like the alphabet and colors.