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Special Education Teacher Interview Questions and Answers
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What do you know about our educational program?
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I know that you do activities with the children and make crafts. You deal with special needs children and give services that help them like speech therapy and occupational therapy. You collaborate with therapists, general education teachers and parents to talk about their progress.
I know your education program encompasses 2400 students roughly with 18% in the special education department.
I am very familiar with the 8:1 program and the green, red and yellow behavioral and emotional program that is used. I am also familiar with the RTI classes and the routine that is asked as well as, the CT program and the study skills classes that students have.
I am aware that Kennewick School District achieves to increase student achievement through authentic partnerships through family and community partnerships. The district values specially designed instruction for students.
I know you have students who have IEP,
I know that you have a wonderful educational program and from what I have seen at my current position, there is a passion for teaching and learning and great staff behind it.
The district strives for constant change and learning never stops.
I read you handbook and I appreciate your goals. 1. Each student should be seen as an individual, 2. Not every student has the same learning style. 3. Its ok to take risks .4. Each student should love to learn and have a desire to reach their potential.
I know that in this district we are working toward full inclusion with a co-teaching collaboration of team-teaching.
Your program is an inclusion based program in which students need specific supports unique to their education level changes.
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