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What are your 2 weakest points?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Special Education Teacher interview

How you answer this could also determine where the interviewer would like to place you within the organization, or what areas of continued education/training they may require of you in the future. Again, even though this question has the ability to create a somewhat negative tone, you can still answer it in a positive way. Show that you are making steps towards improvement as well. Interviewers do not want to hear "I care too much." or "I work too hard." They want a genuine answer.
Answer example
"I think that I could be a little more organized and that I can balance my work and my life better. I tend to get very focused on the day-to-day work, and I lose sight of the bigger picture. So now, at the end of the the work day, I write down a list of things that I accomplished and what I'll do the next day. That way I can focus on my personal life once I leave work, which refreshes me for the next workday."
Basic answer example
"I care too much."

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What are your 2 weakest points?
My little toe and being ticked.
Explain differentence instractions.
Not being fluent in spanish and.
Perfectionist to the point of exhaustion at times and sometimes I let my heart lead.
Not being fluent is spanish and have a big heart for students.
I do not had my own classroom as a permanent teacher.
Sometimes I am too ambitious... I keep trying. Others may want me to quit, but I feel that I have to find a solution. Sometimes I carry the students home in my heart, especially after a difficult day.
My inability to speak spanish fluently and working too long of hours at times.
Two areas that I would like to develop more within my instruction would be preparing students to participate in assessments, and retrieving/translating and generating data from assessments.
There are so many creative activities I plan for my students and class time is limited. It is difficult to incorporate all of the activities that I would like my students to learn from.
My two weakest points are communication and mathematical skills. I am getting better at communicating with people and will have it done. I am getting help on my math and doing better.
I would have to say that not asking for help and time management.
I would say two of my weakest points are being a perfectionist and.
Perfectionism disorganization.
For the most part I always over prepare I have too many things I would like to use to teach hard to narrow things down.
My first weak point is getting so emotionally tied up in the lives of the students that it really brings me down, but I try to help make their lives better at school, which makes me feel like I am doing some good for them. My second weak point is coming up with ideas that go perfectly in my head, but once put into action they are not so perfect. The problems outweigh the positive parts of the idea. However I am working on focusing on the positive.
First weak point is I have a hard time delegating responsibility, second weak point is failing. I do not accept failure very well.
I might give in to easily. I am to trusting.
My two weakest points would be that I care too much and that I can be emotional. At the same time caring and being emotional is what helps me in understanding each and every student in the classroom.
I do not have a lot of experience presenting and running IEP meetings on my own yet so that is a weakness, but I am not afraid to ask for help and make sure the information is correct before I present it. I'd also like to be better about individually praising students when I see them doing a good job instead of praising them at the end of an activity or the end of the day or praising the whole class at one time.

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