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To what specific area of special education are you most attracted and why?
How to answer
Be sure to have researched the educational facility before the interview. You will want to answer this based on how your career goals, interests and abilities best align with their specific mandate.
Answer examples
"I am most drawn to working with students on the Autism spectrum. Finding unique ways to work with individuals with neurodevelopment disorders is an important challenge and one that I am happy to take on. One of the reasons I was so thrilled to be shortlisted for this position is because of the strong work you do with students with Autism."
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User-Submitted Answers

To what specific area of special education are you most attracted and why?
I like most every area of special education. In my experience, my favorite class has been the life skills class I was teaching.
I am flexible as I have worked with students with a variety of special needs and I really enjoy tailoring instruction, matching tools, and collaborating to support different levels of students.
Learning disabilities and emotional behavioral disorders. They are the ones who need to be understood and they are as unique as a fingerprint. Solutions also need to be unique.
I was interested in working with all students who had difficulties in learning. I wanted to help students alternative ways in dealing with there disabilities.
I am most attracted to students with autism because assisting this population toward self-sufficiency is very inspiring.
The more severely disabled. It seems they are forgotten or overlooked because of a disability. Their minds may be strong but because they lack a way to communicate effectively they cant let us know what they are thinking. I want to help them contribute and live their lives to the fullest.
I truly enjoy helping students in resource room as well as teaching functional skills.
The specific area of special education I am attracted to is the physical disabilities. They are special and can do things that surprise you. The joy on their face when they accomplish something makes my day.
The specific area I am most attracted to is physical disabilities. I like to watch the children in wheelchairs and walkers go through their development and see them accomplish things they never have before.
I have spent time with students with learning disorders, behavior issues, ADHD, ADD, mental handicaps, autism and many other challenges. I am attracted to helping students reach their potential. I was overwhelmed when a non-verbal student with autism finally said hello to me and I was inspired when a boy who struggles with ADHD showed up to school with his homework completed.
I am most attracted to the role of consultant teacher because I feel that in this position not only can I assist students in academic situations but I can assist with social skills.
My primary training and area of interest is in applied behavior analysis. ABA is everywhere and it is a method that can be used in a variety of ways in a variety of settings. Specifically I work with students with severe cognitive disabilities. I am most interested in helping students with signiificant needs. I am able to provide the students with compassion, care, and meaningful education.
Behavior students. These children are some of the hardest to love, but when you figure out what makes them tick it is amazing to watch them grow.
I like working with students who are SLD
I am attracted to autism the most. I have most of my experience in that area so I feel the most comfortable there at this time.
I enjoy working in an SDC setting where there is structure and daily schedules to follow for my students. I like to provide the students stability. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes I took about students with autism and I am fascinated when I learn more and more about the autism spectrum.