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Tell me about a stressful time in your life. How did you handle it?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Special Education Teacher interview

How to Answer

This question is more geared to the personal side of your life. You will want to answer it honestly, still tie it in with your career, and not have a case of the "TMI's" (Too Much Information).

Tell me about a stressful time in your life. How did you handle it?
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Tell me about a stressful time in your life. How did you handle it?
When my husband went through some health issue, I went through some rough time but I was very calm and managed everything routine as normal for my children. I stayed positive because I wanted my husband and kids to know that everything is going to be fine.
During student teaching, I had a family tragedy in my home. I pushed forward and completed my student teaching and made that a priority to complete my education.
I was stressed when I had to do math homework. I took a break for awhile then went back to the assignment.
There was a time in the last 8 weeks that I was overloaded with school work and also making lessons, assessing, and differentiating instruction for students at my job. I find that the best way to handle it is having good time management skills. Saying, "okay, I'll do this today, and this the next day," really helped me. I also think it's important to realize that you can't do everything in one day, and that it's okay to save it for tomorrow.
With honesty and open dialogue.
First year nannying a student with special needs or student teaching experience.
When I had a student who was not identified with special needs, but who left the classroom at the slightest annoyance, I decided to llok into the triggers for that behavior. I came up with a plan that worked for her, by researching strategies that work with children with FAE. And by working together with the school team she became successful in the classroom.
A stressful time in my life was when my grandfather passed away. At the time I was a freshmen in high school, my father was in the hospital for appendicitis and I was playing varsity basketball. At first I shut down and kept to myself but I quickly learned that I needed my friends and family for support and with that strong support system was able o be successful for the rest of the year. This experience taught me that classified students need a strong support system because for some coming to school everyday is stressful.
Moving was stressful. I handled the stress by spending time doing work that I enjoy and becoming involved in community programs such as the Artist Studio Association and the VIsual Arts Center.
When my mom died. I learned to manage my stress through exercise and getting support from family and friends.
Having a baby and finishing my masters.
I cannot think of one at this time.
Took a break; resume duties.
Freshman year of college. I got a roomate from China. It was dificult to be away from home and have to try to juggle classes and figure out how to interact with my roommate. It took a lot of baby steps and perseverance to become friends. We still are today.
How stressful do you want it. my cancer, daughter heart problems, her hearing etcc.
I worked overnight and needed to take part in training on bookingkeeping, it became stressful as it was late at night and both I and the trainer were fatigued and the system kept crashing, I prepared for the next time by being well rested and finding other things to do when the system crashed, like reviewing the training manual.
When my mom died, I looked to family and friends for support as well mas other avenues to help me cope.
A stressful time in my life was when my daughter was going through a period of depression. I needed to give her advice that would impact her next few years. I listened, I didn't take the frustration she showed me personally and I walked her through a decision making process.
My older son is my step-son but I am in the process of adopting him. His birth mother had cancer and she passed away when he was ten months old. It was stressful stepping into someone elses role and being judged by different family members of his. It was very clear to me that I was supposed to be his mother though and I promised to love him as my own so I have handled the situation with love for him, respect for his birth mothers family and honesty.
When my mother and father died, I prayed and cried a lot I even took a year off because they died with in 8 months of each other.
The most stressful time was when my father died. I would need a moment to think. We are faced with stress at times. I teach my students to take a deep breath, let it out slowly and make a list of what needs to be done, then prioritize it, then start at the top and get one thing done at a time. Only focus on one thing. As you begin checking things off you feel the stress fall away and you gain the sence of accomplishment.
My father was very sick and was bed ridden with cancer. I was very stessed out and I decided I needed to be strong and help my mother get through a very difficult time in her grieving. I took charge of the planning.
I was stressed with homework and took a 20 minute break away from the work. I went back to work after I was stress free.
A stressful time in my life was when I moved 1,000 miles away from my family. I handled it by believing in my choice to move and leaving the fear behind and actually doing what I wanted to do. Having a positive attitude changes everything.
Preparing for multiple special Olympics tournaments for a variety of skilled athletes. I forecasted what duties need to be accomplished first, and prioritized my time and job list.
Working on my master degree while working and taking care of my family. I just had to buckle down, set up a schedule as to when I would fit in schoolwork, and prioritized.
A stressful time in my life was student teaching a group of 10th grade learning support students who knew I was just a few years older than them. I made sure they knew and understood my expectations, and remained consistent throughout my placement and earned their respect.
Making papers and do advise to other. Reading and pray for it.
I took one day at a time. I also prayed.
A stressful time in my life was when I moved out of the dorms into a house. I had to pay for all of my bills and still attend a full schedule. I handled it by making a schedule of what is due for each class and when I worked. I then would break that down into what I need to get done each day. This helped relieve my stress because I knew what I would have to get done and still be able to work and pay my bills.
Studying for doctoral examinations in Econ.
Considered my options, and worked toward the one that was beneficial to my success and the future of my daughters I was raising.
When I was a 911 dispatcher, I received a call about a child not breathing. I was really scared and stressed because the mother was understandably frantic. I was unable to get any information that I needed from her at first which really stressed me. I was able to relax and calm her down and with that she was able to give me the information I needed and plus I was able to help her.
Student teaching and writing the edTPA. I planned out in my planner when I needed to have certain parts done and gave my self due dates of when I would get things done so I wouldn't leave it all to the end.
I prayed.
I had one customer she iwas yelling I tried every thig with her then I call my manager.
What do you hope to accomplish in your career over the next five years?
My mother passed away 12 years ago and that was very difficult. I felt a lot of comfort in the support of my family, friends and church.

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