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How would you describe your passion for teaching children?

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This is a good time to talk about why you do what you do and what your favourite aspects of teaching are.

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"My passion for teaching children comes from the feeling of fulfillment I had when first teaching my autistic nephew how to read. Seeing his eyes light up and knowing that I was able to make a difference by spending one on one time with him was really incredible. Now I see every student in that light. This is someone's child, brother, sister, cousin. They need to be cared for and educated by people who want to be there. That would best describe my passion. It's not only what I do - it's what I need to do."

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"Teaching children is my life's mission. This is not just a job to me. This is something that I need to do on a daily basis. All children are precious, but I'm particularly drawn to helping those who need it the most, and children with intellectual disabilities needs someone who cares about them and is invested in their growth and education. I don't think that most people have that capacity for patience and compassion, and I do, so I think it's my calling, a chance to do good in the world using something that I have that others don't."

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How would you describe your passion for teaching children?
My favorite course in college was Observation and Planning assessment because I got to spend time in a preschool observing children.
My favorite course in college were Instructional Strategies, Applied Behavioral Analysis and Inclusionary Practices.
My favorite course in College would be Observation and Planning because I got to observe children in a program.
I am 53 I got my degree/certification.
My favorite class was multicultural education class. It helped to think out of the box in creating lessons that addressed everyones background.
Since Kindergarten I have had my passion for teaching. I have always wanted to help children reach their full potential. Seeing a child get that lightbulb moment gives me goosebumps. I want to be the one who helps that light go off for each student.
I would describe it as my calling. There are certain things people feel called to in their life and I've known I wanted to be a teacher since I was 13.
History of religion due to the great discussions and debates.
My emotional disturbance class. I learned a lot in that class.
My favorite course in college was Ethics 101 with Dr. Mackenzie. Not only was my professor energetic and brilliant, he allowed for us, the students to be in charge of our own learning and when we held debates on current topics, we had the opportunity to run the class. Besides the independence that he taught, I really began to understand the importance of valuing others opinions and respecting differences. That is why I feel special education is a perfect fit for me because within one classroom there is going to be a wide range of differences and there are going to be a wide range of opinions.
My favorite course in college was cooperating traching.
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