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How would friends describe you?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Special Education Teacher interview

How to Answer

This question is best answered by using examples of compliments your friends have given you. You can keep it brief.

How would friends describe you?
Answer example

"My circle of friends is very close and we spend a lot of time together. I believe they would say that I am thoughtful, generous and kind. I am sure to surround myself with people who will challenge me and bring out the best in me."

Answer example

"I made a lot of close friends when I went to school for education, and they'd describe me as a very kind person with a very positive outlook. I think most of us are, the ones who are drawn to teaching."

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How would friends describe you?
I am tenacious in regards to what I am passionate about. I may be a bit reserve at first--taking everything all in, before I take the big leap. I am an advocate for family, friends and those who are work with.
They would describe me as positive and hard working.
Friends would describe me as hilarious, comforting, religious, a true friend, someone is there in a heart beat when needed, and giving.
My friends would describe me as passionate about what I do, loving, caring, patient and a great listener.
My friends would describe me as kind, loyal and passionate.
My friends would describe me as kind, empathic, and brave.
My friends would describe me as energetic, happy, passionate, punctual and a go getter.
Friends would describe me as caring, compassionate, helpful, trustworthy, reliable, dependable and determined.
My friends would describe me as caring, dependable, reliable and honest. I am a great organizer and that I love children.
Go and ask them.

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