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How will you work cooperatively with other faculty members in educating these students?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Special Education Teacher interview

Talk about a specific time when you were asked to collaborate with others in your faculty. What was the outcome, and how will you implement that collaborative mentality in this new position?
Answer example
"I always listen to other people very carefully and I ask questions to get more detailed information that I need in order to serve them better. To me, these students are the top priority, and I will always ask for everyone else's advice and viewpoint on how we can serve them better."
Basic answer example
"In my previous role I was known to be an educator with a very strong ability to work with extreme levels of Autism. One of my colleagues was really well versed in the benefits of art therapy for Autism and another, in music therapy. We worked together to ensure that all 3 of our strengths were being used in order to provide the best level of education to our students. I enjoy that type of collaborative environment because everyone wins."

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How will you work cooperatively with other faculty members in educating these students?
It takes a team to education students and special needs students are no exception. I would include as many professionals in my class as possible to give my students the best program they can have. Mentor teachers can help support with ideals to create a positive education experience.
Working cooperatively and creating an excellent learning atmosphere is key to being a teacher. Discussing lessons and creating ideas together that will enhance students learning will be a successful teacher and classroom.
Collaboration is an ongoing respect based relationship in which we learn to work together using our strengths to maximize student progress.
I would listen to there concerns they have and go over all of the IEP goals and accommodations that would help the student achieve more successfully and give a inservice/ suggestions using a power point or handout. Open communication with all personel involved.
A fundamental piece of education and special education is the need to collaborate with faculty members. I plan to work closely with the faculty to increase opportunities for students within my classroom to mainstream and interact with students and teachers within the larger school wide community. These opportunities are extremely important not only for myself and my students but also for other faculty and students within the elementary school. By creating these opportunities, my students will have a larger sense of belonging within there school wide community.
I will meet with the other staff involved on the IEP. Reach out in person through email to see how the student is doing in class, and what help they may need if academics is down or behavior is low.
I will give them tips on how to handle bad behaviors. I will help them modify assignments for the special needs children. I will communicate a lot and be a asset on helping them out.
I will be sure to address the staff that my students will be working with by holding a meeting and discussing the needs of each student and items that will be important for the teachers to know while working with each student. I will also be sure to state clearly my strategies to ensure success so that as team we can work together to help each student be successful.
I will meet with the other teachers, I will also make myself available as a resource for my co-workers.
I would love to work as team and share information and ideas.
I work well with other teachers, We are a team.
I will work closely with other teachers to ensure that the communication lines are open and everyone is on the same page with what is going on for each and every student. I will have meetings to discuss any issues that arise and how best to deal with any situations that may come along.
I would consider myself very respectful of my co-workers and a team player. I work well with instructional aides and expect my students to respect them as other teachers in the classroom. I have participated in weekly team building meetings to help discuss students needs and upcoming events.

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