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How do you feel about working with students, that can sometimes be difficult due to their circumstance?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Special Education Teacher interview

How to Answer

You can answer this question using an example of a time when you were assigned an extraordinarily difficult classroom or specific student.

How do you feel about working with students, that can sometimes be difficult due to their circumstance?
Answer example

"Last year I had a student come in part way through the year. In addition to being diagnosed with autism, the student was also highly OCD. I spent a lot of my spare time doing research and reading case studies so that I could best be equipped if this student had an outburst in the classroom. I do appreciate the challenge this situation brought to me because it pushed me to further understand the needs of this unique student."

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How do you feel about working with students, that can sometimes be difficult due to their circumstance?
I realize the students have a reason for their difficulties. Whether it is having difficulty communicating or other circumstances like that.
Student teaching in Canton City, I was exposed to students from backgrounds much different than my own. Because of this, many students presented behavioral problems in the classroom due to a lack of structure in the home and outside of school. I learned a great deal of patience and that the best way to handle those tough students is to develop a meaningful relationship that embodies trust and respect.
I feel great about working with students that can be difficult because I have experience with some children like that. I find activities they enjoy and use them to calm them down so they can learn things.
Working with difficult students is no different because you can gain trust and communicate with them.
I enjoy working with students for the challenge of helping reach their goals.
I will just work through it, I will have read over the students file so I know where he is coming from, then I can base how I work with that student.
I do not see it as difficult I see it as a challenge, I see it as my job, that is why I got masters in sped. I want to see these student flourish.
I remind myself how frustrating it would be for me to have to try so hard to master subjects, techniques or activities, so I remain calm.
It saddens me that many students come from very tough circumstances. As their teacher, I always want them to feel safe and secure in my classroom. I want them to know that I care about them and their futures. I also want them to know that there will still be appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in my classroom and I will hold them accountable.
I feel great about working with students that are difficult. I know ways to get them calm again.
In the past, I have worked with a few difficult students so I understand how to work with a variety of students. I am more than willing to work with students who many need a little more tlc to help them reach their potential.
Expert at dealing with difficult students.
We all come from different backgrounds and many people have difficult circumstances. I want to help those children as well. I want them to see that they have potential no matter the circumstance.
Fine, you just have to find that right thing to say that will help that student trust you and trust that you want whats best for them.
I understand that students can have good and bad days, and that during their bad days is when they need the most empathy and support.
I have a strong passion for working with students that can sometimes be difficult. I have this passion because every child, in my opinion is a good kid. Sometimes students are not able to control their actions or what they say and I feel that my job would be to assist in teaching coping skills to help these students deal with outburst that they may have.
I feel that the students who can sometimes be difficult due to their circumstances in life are the ones you can most positively assist.
I feel I have alot of patience and I have alot of compassion and understand that each child is different and each child has different needs.
I don't consider it as a difficult situation, instead I consider it as a challenge that I need to surpass.
I find it a challenge in a positive way. Working in this kind of circumstance will allow me to use my determination and willingness to persevere to be an example to my students while guiding them through the difficulty they are experiencing.
It can be unnerving sometimes but we're all humans. We can't be perfect all the time. I'm sure children with disabilities get so frustrated when they try so hard.
I feel all children need a chance to be heard. They need to be in a safe and caring environment, in my classroom.
I think is especially rewarding because of this and I feel that having a lot of patience is necessary.
Working with such might be challenging but understanding and empathizing with them, and not feeling sorry for them and makes teaching them.
I think is especially rewarding because of this and I feel that having a lot of patience is necessary.
I keep their difficult circumstance in mind when students exhibit difficult behaviors because it will more than likely influence the behavior. I enjoy working with children and helping them to do their best in spite of any negative circumstances they may face by maintaining a positive and nurturing attitude toward them and by being flexible. If a student is having a particularly difficult day, I may give them a bit of a break or extra rewards.
I enjoy helping children to be successful and to do their best. I try to get to know the children that I work with as much as possible so that I can help them as much as I can. Helping children to overcome difficulties and be successful is something I have been doing for most of my professional working career. I find it rewarding. The challenges that students bring with them inspires me to do all that I can to help them.
I find it to be challenging but rewarding.
Ok. I will what is is their problem first before I can do something.
I feel good when I can help those students because we all sometimes need help in learning something while dealing with a difficult situation.
Listen. Be Compassionate, sometimes they just need someone to understand them.
I feel confident that I can offer help and support to them to help modify their behavior.
Be patient.
Every student can be difficult at some time. The key is to look beyond the actions and find the reason.
I feel it is important to think out a plan for assisting students going through crisis and ensuring that a meeting with other staff takes place to collaborate on strategies to support that student as well as follow through.
All students can have moments when there behavior is challanging. The key is to find out why the behavior is occuring and when.
These are the students that intrigue me the most. I want to find out what underlies their behavior and help in whatever ways I can, to remedy the problems. Sometimes the problems are so deep and so personal, that I know I wont be able to undo the hurts that they have experienced but I can offer them a safe place, a nurturing place to learn.

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