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How do you feel about working with students, that can sometimes be difficult due to their circumstance?
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I realize the students have a reason for their difficulties. Whether it is having difficulty communicating or other circumstances like that.
Student teaching in Canton City, I was exposed to students from backgrounds much different than my own. Because of this, many students presented behavioral problems in the classroom due to a lack of structure in the home and outside of school. I learned a great deal of patience and that the best way to handle those tough students is to develop a meaningful relationship that embodies trust and respect.
I feel great about working with students that can be difficult because I have experience with some children like that. I find activities they enjoy and use them to calm them down so they can learn things.
Working with difficult students is no different because you can gain trust and communicate with them.
I enjoy working with students for the challenge of helping reach their goals.
I will just work through it, I will have read over the students file so I know where he is coming from, then I can base how I work with that student.
I do not see it as difficult I see it as a challenge, I see it as my job, that is why I got masters in sped. I want to see these student flourish.
I remind myself how frustrating it would be for me to have to try so hard to master subjects, techniques or activities, so I remain calm.
It saddens me that many students come from very tough circumstances. As their teacher, I always want them to feel safe and secure in my classroom. I want them to know that I care about them and their futures. I also want them to know that there will still be appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in my classroom and I will hold them accountable.
I feel great about working with students that are difficult. I know ways to get them calm again.