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Special Education Teacher Interview Questions and Answers
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Have you ever had to calm a person down, what happened?
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I have calmed a child down. I hugged, rocked, and talked to the child. She calmed after five minutes.
As a Special Education teacher, I have had several instances where I had to calm a student down. Some instances that I have experienced is when a student had severe anxiety over an assessment. At this time, I would talk with the student to relax him, and follow a plan that I created in order to ensure that the anxiety was reduced and the student was in a more comfortable mind frame.
Yes, I just sit with them, or walk with them. Let them uncool themselves,
Yes, first I cleared the room, let the student have his meltdown, I made sure he did not hurt himself, let him go on his rant, eventually he calmed down himself.
Yes. Often. Use a calming approach give them space.
On a daily basis with my three year old. I had a student that was very upset one time and throwing a tantrum in the classroom which was distracting the entire class. I asked him to step outside and sit on the bench directly outside our classroom window where I could see him and I left the door open. I watched as he calmed himself down-I've learned that it's extremely difficult to reason with an upset child in the middle of their tantrum. As they calm down they can discuss things on a more rational level. I went outside after a couple of minutes and spoke to him one on one kneeling down to his eye level. I let him know that his behavior in the classroom was unacceptable and I told him the proper way to get what he wanted.
I did have to calm a student with Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I remained calm, and restated the rule Just acknowledge the behavior, state it as I see it, explain how it will need to change and then remove yourself from all arguments. Follow the plan as written in the Behavioral Plan.
I was in a situation where I had to calm down a student who was having a meltdown. I began by letting them know that I was there with them. I sat calmly with them and took some deep breaths. They then joined me in my deep breathing and we were able to calm down together and eventually talk about what happened.
A student got in an argument with another student and was becoming extremely angry. I made up a reason why I needed to take a walk to my mailbox and asked him to join me. This allowed him to calm down, get away from his peers, and have the chance to sort out his feelings with me.
I did, one of my students was not happy he had to do a worksheet and he was pacing the room and crying. I was able to talk to him and get the student to calm down. I did this by saying I would be there by him to read it to him and to help him if he had any problems. In addition, I would let him finish his coloring page from earlier if he completed the worksheet correctly.
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