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Do you have experience creating and maintaining documentation on your students?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Special Education Teacher interview

How to Answer

This can be answered very simply and specifically.

Do you have experience creating and maintaining documentation on your students?
Answer example

"I have a great deal of experience creating and maintaining student documentation in a variety of programs. I have mainly used the SAP based program called "

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Do you have experience creating and maintaining documentation on your students?
I have some experience maintaining documentation on children. I wrote down when children took naps, ate food and needed diaper changes.
Yes, I progress monitor on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis depending on the needs of the students. I have parent communication logs and I send a Report of Progress on a quarterly basis to the families of my students.
Yes, in my classroom I take assessment data on everything we do. I document their academic progress as well as their behaviors. Additionally, I document student specific things such as bruising logs, bathroom trips, seizure logs, protective holds, service delivery, etc.
I am very experienced with maintaining daily documentation of all my students and parent collaboration. I use a informal behavior/academic checkilst to rate students.
I do not have a lot of expereicne, I have done teacher made assessments, Behavior Documentation using timed intervals, incidents and action teacher took Behavior Documentation Form.
Yes, I have experience writing IEPs, Positive Behavior Support Plans as well as Functional Behavior Assesments. In addition, I document training plans based of task analysis for an particular skill that the student is working on.
In the past I have keep running records and notes on students that I have used for report cards and conferences. I like to keep clipboards around the room to write down data and notes during the day for each and every student.
I have experience writing and implementing IEP goals, writing progress reports and daily logs, and I have experience with state wide testing and report cards.
I have done progress monitoring, daily behavior sheets, a spreadsheet/checklist for tracking all documentation in and out. I file all documentation and keep a journal on student behaviors.
Yes, I have created behavioral charts for my students that have been successful. I have also created goal charts that my past students and I have worked on together. I also have taken a large share of notes on specific students and needs while being a teaching assistant.
Yes. I have used computer based programs, charting, checklists and goals. I have reported to my parents in writing notes, report cards and by documentation according to their IEPs.
During my student teaching I kept records and documentation on all my students with IEPs in their file. I wanted to have access to their progress, especially in regards to their IEP and behavioral goals.
Progress monitoring and six minute solution programs.
I do have experience observing and recording data about the classroom environment, student assessments, and social interactions.
As a teacher you should keep all records of students academic achievements and areas of concern. I even keep documentation of parent/teacher emails and phone conversations.
I did progress monitoring on my students in reading and math. I also was on the Dibels monitoring team that did screening on students in reading three times a year.

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