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What is your ideal schedule?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Social Work interview

How to Answer

This question could be a way for you to flip the tables and find out what schedules they work and what they wanted the new hire to work in. Be sure to voice at this time if day shift is the only shift you can work because of other obligations.

What is your ideal schedule?
Answer example

"I'm available to work any shift you need me on. What shifts do you all have here? Was there one that you needed me to fill? "

Answer example

"My ideal schedule would be day shift but I'm able to work any shift with a few days notice."

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What is your ideal schedule?
I am flexible with my schedule and am comfortable working some evenings and weekends when the occasion arises.
I would love to work mornings.
I would prefer working during daytime however, I understand that there may be times when overtime will be required and I do not have any problems working overtime.
The schedule that is outlined for this position and when needed at anytime.
A first shift schedule would work for me, but I am aware that at times I may have to work longer hours if the job entails, and I am okay with that as I am flexible.
I have a part time job at the moment, but I can make by availability as open as needed.
I believe the schedule is 8am to 4:30pm. That will be a schedule that is good fit for me.
I like structure and knowing what to expect. The 8-5 works with some variety as needed. I'm a flexible person, and at the same time I keep a busy schedule outside of the office with my family.
Monday through Friday 8-5 however understandable I will be on call, working late hours, and overtime.
I am very flexible in meeting the needs of the agency.
I have an open availability to coincide with agency hours.
I am quite flexible for any schedule.
I am flexible, but if I have to choose, a day shift is preferred.
I am pretty flexible and any scedural will work for me.
My preferences would be to work during day hours but I am flexible.
U believe in time management. I would like to work my work on time.
I am flexible to hours and needs of oorganization.
I am flexible in my schedule. I can adjust my hours according to the comapnys need for me.
I am flexible to the need of the facility.

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