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What are your career goals as a teacher?
You may plan to continue working as a teacher for a long time. Maybe you are interested in moving into the administrative side, working as a principal or superintendent of schools. Your goal could also be to complete your masters, furthering your education. Showing that you are interested in growing on a personal and a professional level is essential to convey to your interviewer. You want to show how your goal is relevant to the position you are interviewing for. Talk about how the position will help you reach your goals, giving as much detail as possible.
Answer examples
"My goal is to teach college-level Sociology in the next eight years, so I am taking online courses to complete my masters. I'm looking forward to the challenge of teaching at a higher level. Teaching high school social studies at your school will give me the experience I need to get closer to accomplishing my goal."
Entry Level answer example
"I am new to my teaching career which means that my primary goal right now is to carve a name for myself in the industry. I want to continue learning from more experienced teachers, and create amazing lesson plans."
Experienced answer example
"This teaching position is the next goal I have set for myself as a teacher. I want the opportunity to lead a social studies department with the support of a teachers' assistant and talented administrative staff. Once I have shown my capabilities, I would love to work my way into the role of departmental head."

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your career goals as a teacher?
I would like to be one of those teachers who some day gets visits from previous students. That must be pretty rewarding: to know, definitively, that you've had a profound and positive impact on your kids' lives.
To show each student that I interact with they they matter and they have a great deal of value to bring to the world.
To become a good teacher.
To make students as innovative thinkers.
Best, hardworking, role model.
How would you identify the special needs of your students?
To teach my students with new technology and want to make them face of the crowed rather than the part of the crowed.
To be a life long learner and to help students become productive members of society.
Help students understand the link between social science and events in our life.
To prove as a good teacher.
To develop student learning in order to make learning fun. Engage students daily about the lesson plan. Make the lesson plan pertinent in the everyday lives of students.
To encourage, guide, and empower students.
Ultimately, I would like to prepare teachers for the field of education.
My career goals as a teacher are to provide my pupils a high quality education and giving my best for the better future of my pupils.
My goal as a teacher is to guide and support the child to be good human being.
As social study teacher I try myself to have command over subject and students psychology.
Ofcourse. Because teachingproffesion is my passion.
Describe the teaching techniques or strategies that are most effective for you.
Patient, accommodating and loving.
Additional masters, teach AP course.
To make my students self reliant and discover their possibilties to serve the community.
To modify the behaviour of students, to impart knowledge, to make them good citizens of country.
To write curriculum and do research.
Role modle of the teacher.
To achieve a good position and enhance my teaching skill.
My goal is I want to become a good teacher and also I want to be a continuous learner to love teaching.