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Social Studies Teacher Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about the most challenging student you've taught so far.
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Not getting an interview in Bemidji for social studies position after teaching 4 years in sped.
Getting the opportunity to showcase my skills.
I have to honestly that every student presents a different challenge in some respect or another. Sergio was probably my toughest. His 2 brothers were gang members. One is out on parole and the other is in jail for felony assault. His real dad was an alcoholic who occasionally beat his mom. He flunked 6 grade last year & was in for the second time. He seemed lost. Sergio was disruptive in class & put forth minimal effort in math class. I had tried one on one teacher & peer mentoring etc had conversations with Sergio mom.
When I was teaching in drs international there was a student with learning difficulty . Here it was hard for me to understand the child first then after meeting their parents I understood that the child is having aproblem then I started taking a special care and spent extra time with him to make him understand what he is doing.
Students behavior, but it is important to follow classroom management rules.
The most frustrating thing that happened to me is when a student wanted to quit working on an assignment. It was not because he didn't want to do it; it was because he felt he could not do it. He didn't have the skills to do the assignment.
Student was having short term memory.
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