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Other than tests, how do you assess student learning?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Social Studies Teacher interview

How to Answer

It's important to be able to measure how your students are doing so that you can identify gaps and know how to move forward with your teaching. Maybe you conduct a daily quiz or assign homework after teaching a new topic to measure how well your students are retaining the information. Describe some ways that you do this.

Other than tests, how do you assess student learning?

"Every morning we have a quiz over the material from the day before. It's a participation grade, but it helps me to tell how well the students are understanding the material. It's been effective for me to make adjustments and know what areas to focus more time on."

Entry Level

"While completing my Bachelor's Degree in Education, we explored a variety of methods for student assessment which included concept maps, exams of varying kinds, and assessing students in group work. Are there any types of assessments you prefer to use at your school?"


"Aside from tests, I believe that student learning can be assessed through group work. I like to see which students rise in group projects and which ones tend to float, waiting for others to do the work or come up with the answers. From there, I can guide those students."

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Other than tests, how do you assess student learning?
Flashback Fridays, daily bell ringers, frequent reminders, visual reminders.
I assess student learning by participation, question and answers, portfolios, observations, group projects, and presentations.
Open discussion, project interpretations, games to help them learn, movies to show era.
Classroom behavior, leadership, and citizenship. I would like my students voluenteer for community organizations. Become mentors to younger students, and tutors.
Informal assessments such as discussions or homeworks.
I assess learning by observing and monitoring their participation in class and their homework.
Give student time to reflect on what they have learned and brainstorming. discuss material learned in group.
Surprise viva test and game play method.
Project works as well as activities based pn the topic.

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