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How do you stay calm when dealing with difficult students in your class?
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By making him busy in study related punishment.
Ha, honestly depends. As a coach I can become easily upset with my players if they are giving me a lack of focus, lack of hustle, lack of execution after a while. Which I think is natural for any coach. As a teacher I have found that I have a much longer fuse, per say, when it comes to this. I have only gotten upset when a class has show a lack of focus over a period of time that begins to effect their grade but is easily correctable yet they aren't focused on correcting it. I see it as a sign of laziness which is something I have little tolerance for.
I consider myself to be a patient person. I am able to wait for gratification because I believe that better things come to people who wait. Long term success is much more satisfying than accomplishing short term goals.
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