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How do you make the curriculum relevant to the lives of your students?
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Keeping the lessons meaningful and relevant to their lives, and always connecting thematerial so they are able to use the skills and knowledge they learn in class in their real lives.
I provide life lessons using concepts that kids can relate to such as cartoons, sports teams and even old games and stories from when I was a child.
I encourage students to always make the right choice.
I compare and contrast past history with current history, making sure they understand when people do make mistakes over time, there could be serious future consequences.
With my past professional experience, I can demonstrate the need for the skills by applying personal stories that reflect the need for that skill. I encourage the use of the skills in my discipline plan. Where I have students with issues to talk and comprise a settlement between them.
I first understand the curriculum and I try to match it with their day today lives by including values of life.
Appreciation and encouragement.
Students can use the skills and learn from past mistakes and accomplishments.
History is an integral part of life because the past creates the foundation for the future. Through learning history we can also see mistakes and improve on them. Students learn about the democratic process, government, and can apply these things in every day life through the voting process and becoming involved in local government as well.
By sharing our daily life experiences and learing by doing theory.
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