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How do you handle stressful situations?
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I pray, change my thinking and sometimes I walk.
I handle them mostly pretty well, stress is all around us and how we react to it determines how we will progress. Keeping it under control and now allowing it to consume you is the toughest part and is something I have struggled with before. If there are hard deadlines and multiple things that are just thrown at me it takes me some time to focus and strategize a plan to accomplish all the different tasks.
Take a deep breath. Find ways to decompress.
I try to frame the situation as objectively as possible, without emotional or intellectual bias, before I examine my role in a given situation and consider my options.
Slow down. Not allowing myself to become overwhelmed. Taking a more basic approach to what I am doing will help things become less complicated and easier to handle.
I handle stressful situations by chunking. What I mean by that is I take the issues at hand, and break them down into manageable steps. For instance, if a student is continuously misbehaving and disrupting the classroom, I break down the issue by identifying the behavior, proposing and implementing ways to rectify it, testing it, and continuing the process until it is solved. I tend to place rationalization and logical thinking as first and foremost to being an effectual model and educator.
Remove stressor if possible... Usually the look works--kids know I mean business.
Head on. I first identify the source of the stress, determine whether or not I can do anything to eliminate or lessen the source of the stress, and then act accordingly. If there is nothing I can to about the stress at the time being, I will focus on an activity or idea that can act as a release mechanism for that stress that allows me to carry on with my responsibilities and life normally.
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