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How do you encourage teamwork among your students?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Social Studies Teacher interview

How to Answer

Describe your involvement as a facilitator when you divide your students into teams for projects. How do you teach them to work together? Give an example of how you have helped your students be successful in their group projects or empowered them to resolve a conflict by giving them tools to address issues themselves.

How do you encourage teamwork among your students?
Answer example

"I incorporate group activities to encourage students to work together and learn how to listen and communicate with each other. When my students come to me with issues about their peers, I challenge them to work things out within the group, looking for ways to compromise and divide work fairly."

Entry Level

"Most students are good at collaborating with their friends. With those they do not know, that can be a different story. For this reason, I plan to ensure that students don't always choose the same partners for group work. I want them to embrace diversity in the classroom, and I will encourage that regularly."


"I have my students work together on group projects a great deal. I ask them to choose a new partner every time so that they can get to know every student on their terms. This method seems to be working well for everyone. We have less in-class issues and have seen a decline in instances of bullying."

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How do you encourage teamwork among your students?
Grading group for years work.
Group work is something I am very fond of, one of the ways I like to do group work is by assigning roles to people within the group such as the writer, the speaker, etc. Each person in the group should contribute. For example we did a foreign policy group activity where students were assigned an imperialized country. After reviewing the background and jotting down notes they met with other members of their group from the other countries to share their responses, this allowed each member to contribute to the learning environment of the group while also keeping everyone involved. They then would give their responses as groups to the class to see if everyone had the same responses.
I encourage group work through group and self-assessments. Students will not only provide an overall rating for their group, but will also assess their own efforts.
Inquiry based instruction.
I like to organize students into mixed groups in class (brain trusts, think tanks) and provide opportunities for them to work together on in class projects and presentations; more or less electing their own officers and allowing them to manage themselves as much as humanly possible.

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