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Social Studies Teacher Interview Questions and Answers
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Describe your teaching style.
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I show my students exactly whats expected and explain to them how to solve problems.I then assist individually.
For a subject like social studies, I would incorporate a lecture teaching style since most topics would key terminology, dates, events, names, etc.
I truly believe in the cooperative learning model.
Firm yet understanding, like to use different techniques in presenting knowledge.
My way of teaching is using powerpoint presentation an activity based learning and also I want my students my understand the concept from their heart so that they will never forget it.
I believe students learn better by experiments so my style of teaching is learning by doing where concepts are being clear in students mind.
My teaching style is to make education as enjoyable as possible. A hands on approach keeps students engaged and actively participating in most lessons.
I have a hybrid that includes early on direct instruction from a personal model perspective. In the beginning of the year I lead by example. I demonstrate to the students the procedures required to be successful in class. As the year, passes I begin to add more inquiry based learnijng stragaties where the student can explore and activilty participate in the learning process. I also like to add cooperative learning strategies where students with work together in the learning process on special projects. One example of the last two learning styles would be to research, create, and write a historical monograph and have it printed.
Modeling and scaffolding.
My teaching style is that anyone can learn everything. That you are never too old, dumb, athletic, popular, or outdoorsy to learn something new. I also work on trying to make everything relatable to their lives. Because if you can't relate the subject to their everyday lives what is the point of them retaining the information.
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