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Top 20 Shift Manager Interview Questions

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Do people listen to you when you request something of them?
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What do you know about our company?
User-Submitted Answers
Time at work, good relationship with other department, colleague, team work, hard worker and also willing to help when needed.
Question 3 of 20
Do you want to be a manager?
Question 4 of 20
What are your career goals?
Question 5 of 20
What do you want out of this job?
Question 6 of 20
What skills are essential to this position?
User-Submitted Answers
Time management, Co operative, hard working, team builder, not moody and good lessened.
Question 7 of 20
Describe a time where you had to deal with an irate customer.
User-Submitted Answers
You have to be cam and lessen attentively, look him in eyes. And should not raise your voice.
Question 8 of 20
Do you know how to do a truck order?
User-Submitted Answers
No. But if some one can show me I am a quick leaner and not forget full.
Question 9 of 20
Give me an example of a customer complaint and how you handled it.
User-Submitted Answers
Acknowledging, greeting and welcoming guests by frindly and efficient manner. And assisting guset with luggage.
Admin complain about MPU and J/pot slip audit. Firstly I printed the ICS procedures, and explain to them why am I saying is not supposed to be done like that.
Question 10 of 20
Do you manage your time well?

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Question 11 of 20
Are you able to multitask efficiently?
User-Submitted Answers
My work, from all department and even now is showing that I am also having time managment.
Question 12 of 20
How are your communication skills?
User-Submitted Answers
There good but I could or should speak out more.
Very good, with every one, always happy.
Question 13 of 20
How are your customer service skills?
User-Submitted Answers
Good, and I am fast to learn easily.
Question 14 of 20
Do you have any managing experience?
User-Submitted Answers
Yes. I have experience in my shop that I have before.
Question 15 of 20
What are your weaknesses?
User-Submitted Answers
I dont have weaknesses on my job.
Question 16 of 20
What are your strengths?
User-Submitted Answers
I work hard. And provides exceptional hospitality service.
I am hard worker, and I provides exceptional hospitality service to gusts by frindly and efficient manner.
Communication skills, build team work, hard working and good in showing or training people.
Question 17 of 20
What are your career goals?
User-Submitted Answers
My goal is to fulfill customer interesting.
My goal is to be in a manager role since i've had success in college as a leader.
Run my own store one day.
To move up the ladder through taking up challenges.
Question 18 of 20
Do you have previous experience in this industry?
User-Submitted Answers
Yes four years with the company.
Question 19 of 20
Why are you the best candidate for us?
User-Submitted Answers
Because I am hard worker and I can satisfied customers following appropriate your company's policy.
Because I am hard worker and I have multitask efficiency.
I provide great work environment I can lead by good example.
I am best, I worked in different department. Experience and knowledge. Training and helping my group what is needed in order to perform, and not to have negative audits.
Question 20 of 20
Are you efficient with your time?
User-Submitted Answers
Very efficient, I realize the less efficient you are just means more work at the end of the day, and a larger headache.
I am always utilising any free time to get ahead on any projects I am working on.

About Shift Manager

April 1st, 2017

Shift managers oversee the operations of the staff during their particular shift. These professionals work in restaurants and fast food outlets where they perform a wide range of task. In general, shift managers plan for each shift, allocate job duties to other employees working the same shift and monitor performance and ensure that all safety and security standards are adhered to strictly at all times. Shift managers are also responsible for ensuring quality food production, inventory management, scheduling, food safety, maintenance and customer service.

A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement for this role. Extensive experience working in a restaurant in any capacity will teach you valuable on the job skills and boost your job prospects tremendously. Shift managers must have excellent leadership, communication and customer service skills. They must also have a keen eye for detail and be able to resolve internal disputes between staff.
Be prepared to demonstrate your strong leadership skills at your shift manager interview. The interviewer is sure to ask you questions that require detailed answers highlighting your leadership skills. They will also want to know if you've had any experience working in any restaurant. Before your interview, spend time going through shift manager mock interview questions so you can be better prepared to answer any question at your job interview.

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