Senior Auditor Interview

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Brian Schuchart is a CPA and Senior Finance Business Partner. His professional experience includes senior management roles with NBC Sports, Virtual Health, and the Children's Hospital of Philadephia.

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Why do you want to be a Senior Auditor?

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Senior Auditor Interview

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    Why do you want to be a Senior Auditor?

      How to Answer

      This question is a way for the interviewer to find out a little bit about what makes you tick. Be honest and direct - don't give a phony answer that the interviewer will see through. Try to tie the roles and responsibilities of an auditor to your background.

      Brian's Answer

      "Since I was young, I have always liked math and have been good with numbers. I took an accounting class in high school and really enjoyed it - the concepts came naturally to me. As I researched careers in accounting, auditing really appealed to me because it is almost like being an accounting 'detective'. Working as a staff auditor the last two years was a great way to test the waters, and I look forward to continuing to grow in an exciting career."

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      "Audit as a subject has always enticed me because it covers traits such as questioning my mind, being inquisitive, analyzing financial statements, and creating or designing improved processes for clients. Moreover, I like to conduct research on the accounting principles and standards set forth by authoritative guidance. I believe the role of a senior auditor will help me master these skills."

      Cindy's Answer

      Good!. The way you talk about areas of the position that are fascinating to you is effective. Your passion comes through.

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