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Brian Schuchart is a CPA and Senior Finance Business Partner. His professional experience includes senior management roles with NBC Sports, Virtual Health, and the Children's Hospital of Philadephia.

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What qualities or skills do you believe a good auditor should possess?

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Senior Auditor Interview

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    What qualities or skills do you believe a good auditor should possess?

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      This question is a good opportunity to show you have an understanding of what qualities make a good auditor. Some key areas to hit are ethics (honesty/integrity), ability to interact with colleagues and clients (communication skills, people person), ability to limit mistakes (focused/attention to detail) and ability to get to the correct answer (skeptical/inquisitive/problem solver).

      Brian's Answer

      "First and foremost, I believe an auditor should be honest and have great integrity. Without this, it will be impossible for the person to perform the role effectively. Next, the auditor should have the education and technical skills to perform the job. They should have exceptional people skills as they will be required to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and other parties. Finally, they should have an inquisitive mind and a keen attention to detail."

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      "A good auditor should possess professional skepticism at all times, a critical and analytically thinking mind. Organizational skills are of utmost importance as auditors have to always perform under stringent deadlines and within timeframe budgets. Hence being able to prioritize tasks is key for the auditor on any engagement. Good research skills and working to maintain client relationships is an important quality to have."

      Cindy's Answer

      Great, now explain and show examples of how you possess these qualities and skills. This will help convince the interviewer that you're a good fit for the position.

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