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Brian Schuchart is a CPA and Senior Finance Business Partner. His professional experience includes senior management roles with NBC Sports, Virtual Health, and the Children's Hospital of Philadephia.

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How would you deliver excellent customer service to clients in your role as Senior Auditor?

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Senior Auditor Interview

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    How would you deliver excellent customer service to clients in your role as Senior Auditor?

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      Being able to interact and communicate effectively with clients is a key skill for an auditor, and also shows that the candidate possesses the ability to grow into larger roles within the organization such as manager and director. Setting a good example for more junior staff is a key responsibility of a senior auditor.

      Brian's Answer

      "I believe that being able to communicate with our clients effectively will be key from day one. Whenever I communicate with anyone, I make sure that I am responsive. If I can't give someone the information they are seeking right away, I make sure to let them know the anticipated timing. If there are unexpected delays, I provide updates. I would also make sure I review any documents or emails I send to other departments in order to build trust in my abilities. I would act professionally while out in the field at our clients' places of business. Finally, it is important for me to set a good example for more junior staff members."

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      "I am a person who is very responsive to my clients. I ensure to keep my clients updated with my timelines to be able to provide them with the deliverables. In case, if due to a priority change, I will not be able to deliver within the decided timeframe, I will update the clients with an anticipated timeline. I like to educate my clients, have a friendly and open channel of communication with them."

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      Great! To make your answer even stronger, use an example from your past to show how you've delivered great customer service.

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