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What is the most serious conflict you have faced as a Security Manager? How did you handle it?
User Submitted Interview Answers
One of serious conflict I was face in October when earth quick start and one of colleague was miss and responding of my phone, but soon I was found relax.
A clash between a colleague and an official. Firstly I was calm and smilling when I approached both parties, I listen to both of their stories. I hjave to put my client`s need in front and make sure that our client left the building certicefied. And after I turn to my colleague and apologies maybe for not feeduing him/her with more knowledge.
Having to reason with upper management about process.
School Shooting. Working with all entities involved including the civilian population.
Working with different people from ranging backgrounds has caused some conflict based on different matters of opinion. A creative solution to this would be to have a one-on-one with each subordinate and allow each person to provide feedback on what could resolve the conflict. This way you can determine whether the conflict is personal or professional.
I have faced with died case, fight between drunk guest, crowed control, visitor control lost control and investigation and I have handled them by a way of security measures.
A valuable engineer refused to follow newly introduced PM methodology for a project. I met with him multiple times, and discovered that he was not comfortable with documentation. I worked with him, coached him, gave him some samples and eased his reservation. Periodically I praised and encouraged him for trying hard to follow the procedure.
Disgruntled employees. We added security and added patrol.
Conflicts often happens on risk ratings for a particular risks. Business always thinks from business perspective.
While working at UOP chemical plant we had a tornado the plant manager call the security desk and asked me to make the decision on whether or not we needed to do emergency action plan. I like to stay on the side of caution and said lets do it. We were required to do full accountability in shelter area to insure everyone was in a safe location. Our count was off by 2. I knew we had some drivers that had came in and I contacted the line supervisor to verify that they had scanned out. This kept up from a recount and when the tornado hit we were all in a safe place.
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