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What is the most serious conflict you have faced as a Security Manager? How did you handle it?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Security Manager interview

How to Answer

How do you handle conflict? As a security manager, you will need to be able to stay calm and collected in the face of any safety issue. You may also need to intervene with conflicts between members of your team. For technical issues, you will need to know how to troubleshoot. If you are asked this question in an interview, you may want to offer a couple of scenarios. You can share how you followed emergency response procedures to mitigate an intrusion alarm. You could also discuss how you mediated a conflict between two coworkers and helped them resolve the issue.

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What is the most serious conflict you have faced as a Security Manager? How did you handle it?
One of serious conflict I was face in October when earth quick start and one of colleague was miss and responding of my phone, but soon I was found relax.
A clash between a colleague and an official. Firstly I was calm and smilling when I approached both parties, I listen to both of their stories. I hjave to put my client`s need in front and make sure that our client left the building certicefied. And after I turn to my colleague and apologies maybe for not feeduing him/her with more knowledge.
Having to reason with upper management about process.
School Shooting. Working with all entities involved including the civilian population.
Working with different people from ranging backgrounds has caused some conflict based on different matters of opinion. A creative solution to this would be to have a one-on-one with each subordinate and allow each person to provide feedback on what could resolve the conflict. This way you can determine whether the conflict is personal or professional.
I have faced with died case, fight between drunk guest, crowed control, visitor control lost control and investigation and I have handled them by a way of security measures.
A valuable engineer refused to follow newly introduced PM methodology for a project. I met with him multiple times, and discovered that he was not comfortable with documentation. I worked with him, coached him, gave him some samples and eased his reservation. Periodically I praised and encouraged him for trying hard to follow the procedure.
Disgruntled employees. We added security and added patrol.
Conflicts often happens on risk ratings for a particular risks. Business always thinks from business perspective.
While working at UOP chemical plant we had a tornado the plant manager call the security desk and asked me to make the decision on whether or not we needed to do emergency action plan. I like to stay on the side of caution and said lets do it. We were required to do full accountability in shelter area to insure everyone was in a safe location. Our count was off by 2. I knew we had some drivers that had came in and I contacted the line supervisor to verify that they had scanned out. This kept up from a recount and when the tornado hit we were all in a safe place.
I have conflicted with died case, fight is common crowed control at the lobby of hotel incident investigation.
Budget short fall and the elimination of staff positions. Coachella budget example.
Moving ahead without group assistance while assigned to a group project means to be collaborated. I sourced and succeeded in persuading the group to be pro active and objective.
Not being compliant with the clients' regulations. Advised and did some corrective actions and an improvement plans to fix the noncompliance.
I would have to say the most serious I have had to deal with would be the time I had an officer abuse his authority and become too aggressive with a female that was trespassing. He argued that she assaulted him by grabbing a ticket (that he issued) out of his hands in an aggressive manner so he took her to the ground and placed her in handcuffs. The tape showed a different story it showed her reach for the ticket and then he picked her up and slammed her to the ground. This was a long and drawn out process working with the union and her attorney which ultimately got settled out of court and he was placed on administrative leave and probation, I later found out after I left he was terminated for other acts of abusing his authority.
Due to the fact that you have not given me this position yet, I have not had a serious conflict as a Security Manager, but as a Security Analyst my most serious conflict would have to be the Final Fire Inspection at the New OKC Warehouse. The situation was both my facility manager, and directer were both unavailable, and the contractor failed to inform anyone that he scheduled the inspection. This would have been the second time that the Fire marshal would have been on this property, and if he failed it this time the building would have been shut down for the repairs to be made and a new inspection would need to be rescheduled making the OKC warehouse shut down for one month, this is after all the equipment had been moved to the new location and the old location had been turned back to the property management company. I drove from Tulsa, arrived at the warehouse inspected the system, found what had not been completed, and with the assistance from the OKC facility team we were able to correct all issues and tested the system before the Fire marshal had arrived. We passed that inspection, and are still running smoothly today.
Conflict between manager and another manager... I will listen to individuals party over their concerns and work it out over in the meeting..
Violence to my security team members due to the held post. I have organized a mandatory training for all security team member with regards to the customer service and the preventive measures to avoid the unnecessary clashes with difficult customers.
Manpower from systems failure. I had experience over manpower that doesn't committed in his work and firstly I would see him / her personally and speak about his problems so I will have the understanding and try to give the best advise as possible. System Failure mostly occurred when the system is not maintained on monthly basis or you have a poor vendor that is not incompetent to provide you with good service of items.
Disgruntled subordinates, I called a team session to brainstorm ideas of we can take the department forward.
Th ere was an incident in which one of my officers was involved in a dispute with a contractor that was visiting the building. The contractor was upset and stated that the officer had been extremely rude and impatient while asking for his information in order to log him in. I quickly apologized to the contractor and logged him in myself. Afterwards I spoke at length with the employee about his behavior and he confessed that he was having personal issues in his household that were affecting his mood. I offered to give him the day off to relax and informed him that he could come to me to speak about any issues he has if needed but to always stay calm and professional at work or further dicipline would be needed.
My family problem discus with my senior person.
I have conflicted with died case, fights, argument, guest unconcious and serious sick incident lost control investigation etc and I have solved them individually by my tactically and easy way.
Famo conflicts in the country where two groups were killing each other, the police in make teng intervened but rumours became rife that certain individual were targeting mafeteng police. As the leader of specialised unit at the time had to respond by closing all shebeens in mafeteng just to defuse the situation as the information suggested the perpetrators will be gathering in one shebeen which was never identified.
Personnel issues. I had a new supervisor direct me to transfer an employee he believed was failing to perform. I knew better and presented evidence to prove his value to the team. it took weeks but taking the stand for the employee was more important to me than the directive given.
New dimensions of security issues.
The greatest conflict I had as a security manager was during an anti galamsey operations at Damang where after stabilising the situation, I left the area in the hands of a subordinate officer, with clear instructions not to deploy troops in the field without my authority. He deployed troops to disperse a civil strife without my knowledge when that job is clearly police duties. The press tool the armed forces to the gutters. I accepted responsibility to my superiors and put further controls in place to ensure that such critical decisions are taken by me or based on established principles.
I have dealt with anti war protestors. I dealt with it in a calm manner. If you know your rights as a security professional you can let the conflicting individuals know your plan of action to try and put them off confliction. If you and your team deal with it confidently, and professionally it normally deters behaviour like this.
Is to motivate and Manage employees to get tasks planned and completed on time and with in budget.
The most serious conflict I have faced is when a colleague order a building to evacuate when it was a false alarm. I had to manage the situation by returning staff to the building and turning the alarm off.
The very recent conflict I had was dealing with a couple of individual who were wanted for rubbery and break in entry, which I had to work under cover for weeks before I arrested both individuals.
Change adopt for employees when new policies. Continuous education and awards campaigns assisted a great deal.
Human behavior I handle it by providing training to them.
Leading different people is the most challenging task I'm talking about their age, race, and attitudes, but I'm always have strategy to overcome their differences and keep them grounded disciplined.
Indeed love to working along with team t o share and learn experience and get done job collectively .
I have conflicted with died case, crowed control fights lost investigation incident investigation etc.
When I have to be honest with myself, disliking to hurt someone`s feelings. By taking the matter to the superiors, and seeking for some advices.
Gherao of Sr Manager HR by the union leaders in his cabin. He was detained there. I reached there with my force of guards and remained present till completion of talks and ensure no harm to HR manager.
My ex boss been threaten by an employee, I personally meet the employee to explain the situation why the boss need to take action against him.
The most serious conflict I have faced a Secuirty manager is when I had to terminate two employees before Christmas holiday. Both of them Ben g veteran officers in a building. I manage to handle the situation by not allowing my emotions to get heavily involved with this process. I needed to remind and tell my diet that it was their unprofessional actions in a professional environment that got themselves in trouble.
Customer anger. Amicable.
The most serious conflict I have faced as a security manager was when one of our Internet banking customers experienced a man in the middle attack. Fortunately, through our awareness campains, the customer managed to figure out that the site that was displayed o her screen while trying to login was not legit and she imedeatly informed card services.
I had an Oprations Manager who had wanted me to reporting to him on daily basis outside the normal chain of command. I gave him my job description and advised him to formalise the reporting structure with my boss if he so wished.
One of the strike was conducted by contractor's at main gate. We have informed to Police in advance & we have closed matter with understanding & sorting the problems.
As a security manager I faced that the item which was out on govt pass didnot returned back to the firm in time. I went into the matter, the dept concerned was informed for the where about of the item. After they intimated that the item has been consumed by some other firm I closed the matter.
My greatest strength is I well organized my team. Conduct the safety courses. They expert at work and I can easily manage to them. They are also happy at work.
When other inline manager does not agree with your opinion due to additional work for their department.
The most difficult experience I have experienced was when we he had safety concern with one of the permanent ladders.
To change the mind set of the CEO towards implementation of security Procedures. Sit down with him and make him understand that staff are looking up to him.
The most serious conflicts that was faced was between the application and infrastructure team. The conflict was based on the scenario that application team had to make their application go live and on the same day, disaster recovery drill for the network infra was scheduled. I handled this situation by allocating different time schedule on the same day. Time allocated to network Infra was half a day till lunch and time allocated to application team to make their application go live was post lunch entire day and next entire day.
Theft from closed safe box.
I have comflicted with many diffirent kind of cases such as died case incestigation, fight, crowed control lost control and investigation, and other general issues and I have tackled them by my tactical and my schem.
Drunk employee entering the building, which I knew is against the building policy and due to which damage can be caused to building equipment or fatality, so discouraged the employee from entering the building.
I haven't worked as a security manager before but I think I encountered a conflict when we had to work with internal loss control officers who felt that we had been hired to take their jobs.Since they had better experience in the retail sector I tried to show them respect whilst I learnt a lot of things from them and it worked well until their contracts where terminated.
Crowded associates during enter and exit . I handle this serious conflict by distribute associates to more then direction in exit and out.

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