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Do you work well under pressure?
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Yes I do. I strive not to allow situations or circumsances to make me lose my balance, I use my inner strenghth, critical thinking and analytical skills to find a solution. For example, the security access control system had malfunctioned and my supervisor was not at the Site, employees and security personnel were locked into their specific areas of work and could neither get in or out. This created a choatic situation. When I received the information I contacted the security personnel in the Lobby and instructed them to open all doors manually effectively resolving the situation and then I contacted my supervisor appraising him of what had happened and what I had done.
Yes. I fulfil my role in supporting and assisting my team members, by providing all information in a timely manner to ensure that all deadlines are met. I have had memorable experiences with my former work teammates participating in two cookout competitions and being winners, which gives the satisfaction of success and a job well done and this creates a cohesiveness and a sense of well being which is extended to the workplace.
Yes I am able to perform despite stressing situations I have managed several high strung project and the team and I were able successfully complete all activities within the prescribed time. We had some hiccups which resulted in the sponsor, a senior executive getting involved . Howevet we remain calm and did some reorganizing and we were able to get bqck on track.
Absolutely, I have extensive experience in critical incidents...Examples are provided.
I work very well under pressure. I am able to make fast, firm decisions with confidence. I am a well trained professional.
Yes, I enjoy working under pressure it gives me a good sense of priorities and deadlines that need to be met.
Yes, I perform well under pressure.
Yes, I work very well under pressure under any circumstances.
I believe that some of my my best work comes when the situation is challenging. I enjoy being tested and figuring out ways to get the job done in dire circumstances and I love the feeling of acomplishment after completing a task under pressure.
I feel I work well under pressure due to having plenty of pressure as a past security tech and now a facility tech, being as when a project is due I tend to make sure every situation is handled in a professional manner, and the outcome will not only satisfy the company, but myself.
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