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Are you okay with a background check?
Before the interview, find out more about their requirements. If you know you will need to get a background check, get a copy of yours before they run it. You need to know if there are any infractions, major or minor, so that you can share them when they ask you about it. The worst thing that can happen is if you tell them everything is sparkling clean and then something shows up. They want to be able to trust you, and they may be okay if something minor shows up, as long as you can explain it and don't try to hide it. Do as much research as you can to find out their specific requirements and make sure you are able to meet those standards before the interview. Your response to this question should be, "A background check is no problem..." even if you do have something on your record. If you did community service or got something expunged, let them know. Share what you learned from any experiences that may show up on your record.
Answer examples
"A background check is no problem..."
"Of course. I have a clean record, as you can expect from someone pursuing a career in security management."

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User-Submitted Answers

Are you okay with a background check?
Of course. I am proud of my background and know I would be welcomed back at all past employers.
Yes, definitely. I have provided all the correct information however I will be pleased for my background check.
Okay. My background has strong recommends.
Yes I will be happy because my background recommends you that I am always creative person.
Yes provided the results are also disclosed to me.
Absolutely yes. I have no problem with any checks being conducted.
Yes I am and as a security manager I know how important it is for such background and feel honored and look forward to work for the organization which prioritizes security matters.
Yes I am Okay with background Check.
I am honestly with backround to be accessed course I want to be trusted all the time.
Upsolutley, my hands are clean.
Yes I am fine with background check.
Yes. I am ok with the background check.
Yes, I have maintained a secret clearance with the DOD for 20 years.
Yes you more than welcome.
Yes, I worked in LE for over 28 years and have no personal, financial or criminal issues that will "pop" up. I believe in honesty, integrity and respect.
Absolutely if it is needed then I am ok with it.