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Describe a time when you had really felt good about a performance in your job.
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Taking over a position I had no training for and keeping things running smoothly in the office.
When my company is trying to win Kenya Airways insurance policy as their broker. I try as much as possible to make sure I follow up on same. I make sure all the typing words are in order and create all the design used in the policy and at last, we got the business.
I used to have screen savers of my dogs and wolves that I sponsor on my computer. One of the autistic students noticed them and would ask me about them. This lead to a conversation about him joining the Canine Club that I lead. He did join and I was surprised to later learn from his mother that he had been afraid of dogs and changed his feelings and attitude about them.
When I first started working in a high school, I found that I wasn’t as naturally organized as I wanted to be. Without a system to keep track of everything I was falsifying. So now I make a list religiously and I check it every morning, so before I leave for the day, I make sure that nothing has slip through the cracks and all my priorities are correct. I now know that without them, my natural state is a less organized one.
I try and ensure that I put in all my efforts to deal with the daily work order effeciently and provide deliverables on time. Performance is an onging process and demands consistent efforts hence being appreciated for your work makes you feel good.
When I was part of the team that won the ISO 9001 certificate.
When I complete a tender and we get rewarded. Or simple thing as being able to trace my boss' suitcase after losing it at the airport and not reporting it.
I would have to say on eom it is very hectic and everything is on a time frame and deadlines that need to be met and are preform properly.
When the parents at the school compliment me on handling multitaking well.
Current job we were understaff but managed do handle the workload very well between only the 2 of us.
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