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School Bus Driver Pros and Cons

1. The pros to a being a in the profession of a School bus driver is the ability to work with students from diverse populations. To know that you are providing safe and timely transportation to children. Also to act as a community leader to the students. September 7th, 2012

2. Need to professional looking and know the job needs. May 30th, 2012

3. To maintain safety for the kids inside the school bus. May 30th, 2012

4. I get to drive a bus and make a positive impression on the next generation. April 12th, 2013

5. Pros would be interaction with the children. June 13th, 2012

6. Though it can be a challenging job, it could be so rewarding. You are apart of a kids whole school experience. July 20th, 2012

7. Hours of work working with children. April 2nd, 2014


1. It is a sitting job. But there is time to exercise in between. April 2nd, 2014