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20 Interview Questions & Answers

Tell me about a time you strayed from your company's standard protocol. How did it turn out?

Example #1
"My current company has a policy against overtime. I know that it's a rule in place to ensure a healthy work-life balance while also maintaining their financial health when it comes to payroll. I had a client that needed me more than usual, so I broke the rule and worked about 5 hours overtime the other week. I let my manager know that I was doing this because I believed there would be a big financial reward for the company, should I show this extraordinary dedication to my client. He agreed, and I was right! The client added 50% more to their usual spend which meant that the overtime hours I billed were a wash for my company."
Example #2
"The restaurant which I work has a no refunds rule, even for dishes sent back. We can replace the dish with something of equal value but never refund a customer. I had a table with a person who had a peanut allergy. The kitchen messed up and made a dish that contained a trace of peanuts. The person at my table had a mild reaction and was entirely upset, which I fully understood. I comped the meal and decided that if my boss was not happy with me breaking the no refunds rule, that it would come out of my paycheck. At that moment it was more important to me to show integrity as a server than to follow the rules to a tee. It turned out fine in the end, as my manager saw how passionate I was about the solution I delivered."
Example #3
"One of my current company's main SOP's is the sales process map cycle that we all need to follow, exactly. With that said, sometimes the process map does not work for my clients. I will, from time to time, stray from the process, always bringing it back when I am able. I will not lose a client just because I have to stick exactly to one process. As a seasoned sales professional, I am confident in my ability to stretch the rules a bit to make a profitable move."
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