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20 Interview Questions & Answers

If you could change one thing about your current role, what would it be and why?

Example #1
"Something I struggle with at work is lack of leadership from the executive level. I feel that our VP of Sales gets excited about new ideas, but isn't working to help us implement them and discern not what is just new and exciting, but what will be effective. So, if I could change anything, I'd love to see more consistent, boots-on-the-ground leadership. The upside here is that I have a lot of flex to try out my ideas for change so that autonomy is something that I'm grateful for."
Example #2
"I currently am working at a restaurant, so it's not my dream job by any stretch. I would like the ability to control more of my destiny. I love the hustle and bustle of the restaurant and how great service usually equates to great, or better, tips. However, I'm at the mercy of schedules that may cut me earlier than I'd have liked before I hit my income goal for the day. That said, I understand there are lessons to be learned that apply to "real world sales," so I'm taking it all as practice for my future career in sales."
Example #3
"In my current position, I wish I had more of a support system available to me. Once I close a sale, I'm supposed to have an account management team to pass the account off to, but their bandwidth is constrained, and I end up keeping the accounts. In turn, I am not as effective in bringing in new accounts as I'd like to be since my plate is full already. That said, I have learned a lot about time management and account development, which are lessons I wouldn't have learned as quickly or effectively without it being a necessity."
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