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20 Interview Questions & Answers

How do you best learn? What is the best way to train you?

Example #1
"I best learn through a combination of reading material and video resources, with opportunities to apply what I have learned, in real time. I have had opportunities in the past where my training included role plays and scripts, which was very helpful. Could you share with me more about your training process here?"
Example #2
"In school, I best learn from books and resource-based training. I am a strong researcher, and when left on my own to study a subject or a new concept, I can independently map out my thoughts and retain the new information. With that said, I also greatly value the opportunity to jump into a situation and learn by doing."
Example #3
"I have attended many external sales training through my sales career and have also received one-on-one mentorship opportunities with those more experienced than me, with proven career successes. When exposed to field training and mentorship opportunities, my understanding of the situation or subject soars."
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