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What was your most successful sales project you worked on?
Before your interview, think ahead to some of your proudest career wins. If you think of your favorite or most successful projects, is there a common denominator between them? Now is a time to brag a little bit about some of your big career wins.
Answer examples
"I have had many successful projects in my career but my favorite one was the $5M project I closed with Company XYZ. They were my biggest client to date. I was tasked with managing the new software rollout and the deadline was tight. Not only was I able to meet all of the expectations of my client but I was also awarded top sales engineer of the year for the growth and profitability our company saw from that successful deal."

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User-Submitted Answers

What was your most successful sales project you worked on?
Internet tariff review for a specific segment.
This is the main question, when are in your middle of career, you have to have your major projects you did with your last organization, what were the main issues in getting sales and how you solved/get the sales through your ability. If you satisfy the interviewer through its answer, believe me, you are hired.
TM Malaysia, BSS/OSS transformation.
I have acheieved 10 long term contracts.
Amazon - The customer had issues with regards to the page that we redirect the job seekers to given we have indexed all their jobs. We intended to redirect the job seeker to an ATS landing page where Amazon branding was not present and the customer wanted the job seekers to land on their domain branded pages. I personally worked on a solution (code implementation) that ensure the client was satisfied and this allowed us to seamlessly with the customer and they went on to become our biggest customers.
Sparks. I sold my idea and the fact that I am able to start a business on my own.
What was your most successful sales project you worked on?
Shell was very unhappy with our lack of response. Went to their office and made it right. Went above and beyond their original expectations.