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What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
Where do you feel that you could improve in your career? Be sure to keep your answer career related and end on a positive note by talking a bit about what steps you are taking to strengthen your skills in that area.
Answer examples
"Through performance reviews and other feedback that I have received, I feel that my greatest weakness would be in my Excel skills. I am an intermediate user but do feel that as a Sales Engineer, I should be at an advanced to expert user level. I have enrolled in an Excel course that will start this fall and will run for 12 weeks."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
Lack of experience, as a recent college graduate is has been a challenge to figure out where I fit in industry. I have many different interests and skills that allow for a broad range of careers. To improve this I am only interviewing at companies and positions that I have done research into that I believe will be the best fit for me.
When I’ve been faced with multiple projects of equal priority that competed for my time and attention, I had occasionally let details fall through the cracks. Because of this, I’ve become a list person. I write *everything* down, you will always see me with a book in my hand when meeting with customers.
I think my english the way I say is weak.
Organization, taking handbook.
My weakness is that I'm passionate about working. Sometimes I cant give time to my family.
My greatest weakness is that I have a tendency to work more, give in more hours until am satisfied and during this time, sudden interruption in the work, I sometimes lose my temper for which I have started to get up early and do jogging.
Being too friendly. Impatience.
I pay too much attention to the little details. To improve this I have started to set strict time constraints on tasks.
My greatest strength is that I am a professional and pay attention to detail with every aspect of my job.
I would say I am a people pleaser, its a good thing but sometimes it gets in the way of work which I would y I would liek to work on it.
Public speaking; trying to speak more.
IN team environments I find it easy to get along with others and schedule out tasks so that we are organized. But not everyones perfect, I sometimes get impatient with team members who make mistakes or deliver sub standard work. Throughout my work experiecnes ive found that the blame game is pointless and doesnt lead to productiity. Its better to appraoch members in ways that you can help them or provide constructive feedback. Ive been practicing how to motivate team members and this is a continual process for me.
Uncertainity.I am trying to get certain.
That I cannot be a politically correct person.
Time management lack of proper sequencing.
I concentrate a lot on minor details and sometimes miss the bigger picture. Am working on balancing my efforts to ensure that I cover all that is necessary, understand the project and ensure that I surpass my expectations.
I have been confronted with minor flaws but they have never really affected the way I work, but whenever I feel I have a weakness that can affect my work, I will put in efforts to work on it.
Not being able to delegate.
Public speaking, took more presentations and actually doing very well.
I used to be nervous when speaking to large groups of people.
Overconfidence. Learning to relax a little bit on the job.
My financial condition is my weakness and I want to become financially independent.
I try to ensure all the stakeholders are satisfied which at times is not possible. I am trying to be more assertive even in situations where I have to push back to get feasible results which satisfies majority of the stakeholders.
My greatest weakness is my experience, I have several experience in un related course study such as by working in the customer services field, but today im here interviewing as sales support engineer that make my weakness as a my strength.
I think I just give too much importane to some silly sentimental things.
Sometimes I might be to analytical and loose track of time when investigating one topic or conducting a research. I try to focus and go back to the initial issue and conduct any other research that highly interests me in my personal time.
My weakness is that sometimes I can be to analytical when conducting a research. I try to focus on keeping my research in the required terms and conduct further detailed analysis on my personal time.
Being emotional, over adjustable ignoring my negative feedback.