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What do you think would be the biggest challenge in this role?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Sales Engineers interview

How to Answer

If you were awarded this opportunity, what do you feel would be the biggest challenge? Make sure to end your answer on a positive note and let the hiring manager know that despite it being a challenge, you are still able to overcome it and make a positive impact on their business.

What do you think would be the biggest challenge in this role?

"After reading the job description and meeting with you, I feel that the biggest challenge would be learning some of the technical terminology related to your product. I have worked with similar products so I am confident that I could catch on very quickly. If given the opportunity, I would start to research and study the product immediately."

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What do you think would be the biggest challenge in this role?
I am a fresher, so definitely I will face some problems, but I am sure I will be to handle them and avoid them in the future.
Upselling. Not only selling the product/service the customer is looking for but also what he needs but he doesn't know yet.
I belive the biggest changle will be t olear the new technologies.
Setting the right quotation & price.
Getting my point through successfully to the customer.
Convincing small scale industries.
Know the system from A to Z
I want to be immediatly effective in this role. As such, I would make it my goal to gain a rapid understanding of operations and the unique contribution of each department in satisfying objectives. I may encounter blind spots along the way but I would accept that as part of the learning process and incorporate those lessons into my own work.'
Maintaining a good balance between retaining old clients and getting new client son board.
Technically sound customers who already know other competitors in the market.
I am motivated by challenges, having the ability to effectively meet challenges and the flexibility and skills to handle a challenging job.
Technical understanding will take some time but will weather it.
Biggest Challenge in this role would be to have a in-depth understanding of the product which without using it yourself and spending some time with the product is difficult. But, it is the most important and the first thing you must do in order to succeed in this role.
Ramp up on AWS product line. Shore up on some of the areas where I have not worked directly. Absorb AWS Culture.
I guess the job itself is a challenge, which is a positive aspect in my case, as I love challenges, and if I feel something is not challenging I would not enjoy fulfilling that task and loose interest.
Understanding of operations and the unique contribution of each department within your company.
What do you think would be the biggest challenge in this role?
Developing and executing a plan for the first year.

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