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What do you do outside of work to better yourself as a Sales Engineer?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Sales Engineers interview

How to Answer

Tell the hiring manager a bit about your interest in self development.

What do you do outside of work to better yourself as a Sales Engineer?

"I am very interested in developing my skills and network within the industry. In my spare time, I do attend networking events and workshops to learn more about selling and what new tech products are coming out."

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What do you do outside of work to better yourself as a Sales Engineer?
I am very career driven, outside of work I read books, follow blogs, and join associations of other like minded professionals to further my ability to succeed in my career as a Sales Engineer.
I like to participating in my local sales engineer chapter, this helps me exchanges views we are seeing in our field with my peers.
Instead of telling the features say how the product will be beneficial for them.
Ask the experienced people about advice. Read books about sales. Try to find the latest proper methods of increasing sales rate.
I've worked in my brothers hardware store where I've got some knowledge about sales.
I'm actually undergoing an MSc course in project management, which has interesting modules like Marketing Management, Principles of Project Management, etc.
I like to explore with new techonologie, whether making a small app or website to just watich videoos. I think it's importatn to always keep learning to keep your brain sharp.
Joining IET community meetings.
I read a lot and go out and talk to other people to get comfortable in explaining myself.
Continue to be in touch with the clients irrespective of the buisness.
Read books/educating myself.
I would probably go to something like toastmasters where I can improve my public speaking skills and find more ways to connect with people.
Write, motivate and learn as well as teach.
Spend lot of time in reading, which increases my knowledge about the industry and world which helps me in communicating better. Also I like to do things I like which keeps me more positive and happy.
More & more study related to product quality & application.
Attend social events, travelling, cooking and playing badminton.
I research into leads and new technology and trends in my product range so I can be ahead with competition. I also look out for what my competitors are up to.
I read sales techniques, blogs and mostly competitors information.
Reading more about similar products and services from my competitors.
In order to be a better sales engineer, you need to research the market, understand the competition that exists and what are the current requirements that are not being met by the existing products. Apart from this, I would work on improving my convincing skills so that I could get a buy in from our internal business teams and the customer.
I want to mingle people with better communication and I also want to know the taste of common people and I just prepare myself.
I would try to read about the industry generally speaking, to be aware of the newest technologies, as well as the competition. I think it is very important to know your competition in order to overcome it.
I attend meet ups and I am an active Toast International member.
What do you do outside of work to bette.
Education. Always believe there is room for improvement. Books, courses, feedback for customers.

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