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What are your career goals as a Sales Engineer?
It's great to have a career related goal, whether that be a big or small one. It could be a promotion or an additional designation that you'd like to achieve. Talk a little bit about those particular goals with the hiring manager but be sure to tie it in to how this will also benefit the company you are interviewing with.
Answer examples
"As a Sales Engineer I would eventually like to earn my way into a Management role where I can mentor and train other Sales Engineers. Being able to attend school again and complete an additional designation within engineering or technology is also something that would be of interest to me."

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your career goals as a Sales Engineer?
Be the best Sales Engineer.
Product strategy be more involved with other departments not hung up on title but I want to be at a company where I can build a career.
To find solution to every customer's problem using my available products.
To maintain good relationships with existing customers and establish strong relationships with future clients. To overcome the targets without affecting the quality of the products or services. To be aware of the competition and try to overcome it by discovering a fault in their services or products.
What are your career goals as a Sales Engineer?