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How would you explain the benefits of a product to a customer?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Sales Engineers interview

How to Answer

The hiring manager would like to know that you are able to sell a product to a client by referring to the benefits it will bring them. Take the interviewer through your typical selling process but do make it brief.

How would you explain the benefits of a product to a customer?

"When I am selling to a client based on the benefits of the product, I first take the time to ensure that I understand what problem it is that I am trying to help them solve. I will tie their challenge into what the product can do to help them. Having the client agree with the connection of problem vs. solution is also really important."

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How would you explain the benefits of a product to a customer?
Through the process of problem finding, customer needs analysis, and knowledge of product features. This process allows for the correct sell of benefits to the customers need/solution.
Explaining the benefits of the product, creating a proof of concept or ROI.
In terms of a story that agrees with the customer's worldview while adding in the right emotions. I'd also take an example. E. G. The cool fresh breeze & comfort received from an aircon.
Well to start off I would compare it with a relatable product and then describe the ways in which our product is better.
Through a good demonstration of he product. Clear & concise value proposition.
This product has one of the best security measure out there.
Establish their needs and any problems that our products can slove.
Depends on technical skills.
I would relate the benefits directly to the things the customer needs, cater my response to them.
My having in dept knowledge about the product which makes it easier for me to convince the user highlighting the benefits.
Demonstrate how it solves his problem.
Feature, how to cost saving product.
I would first understand the customers needs and see if there are aany technical solutions. From there I would try to learn who I could contact fro mthe customers team to find additional information to help with advising them on their best option and the problems they are facing. Then I can select a product that would help them and show them a demonstration and evaluation of how it the product would benefit them and be executable.
By getting the drawbacks of existing product.
I would first like to know the need of the customer understand what he is looking for and come out how our product is helpful for him.
Application based discussion convincing them long term benefits for him & his family.
Introduce the product to the customer, understand the current trends in the market and the customer needs. Then explain how the product will satisfy their needs.
I will first of all ask to know which product they using. Then I will highlight the advantages of my product to him and how it will benefit the customer .
Any customer wants the best at a cheaper transaction. Otis is leading, client benefits means safety, the best and creating dreams.
To help them save time and money and also increase productivity and maximize profit.
In order to explain the benefits of a product to a customer, you should have a in-depth understanding of your own product first. You should know what your product is best suited for, what its capabilities, shortcomings are and if it is possible to extend its functionality. Next is to understand how your product compares to the product/service that the customer is currently using if any. Customers are more inclined to grasp the benefits of our products when you explain in terms of comparison.
I dont motivated the customer to by my product, but I do onething, that I explain the experiences of used customers with the same product.
I would try to relate them to customer needs. Ideally, I would have either done my homework and understood these before hand or have the opportunity to ask questions.
First I would make sure I know what are my customer needs and try to emphasis how our products are best to solve his problems.

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