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How would you describe the corporate culture of your previous company?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Sales Engineers interview

What type of corporate culture do you come from and what type of culture are you looking for? The hiring manager should know, through your answer, if this company is a cultural fit for you. Draw on your pre-interview research as well.

Basic answer example
"The type of culture that I currently come from is based on independence and accountability. Although I really appreciate the countability component, I am actively seeking a role that offers more team work based opportunities. From my research, I understand that you offer this type of culture."

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How would you describe the corporate culture of your previous company?
We are a small group & working in a team has been key to our success.
Electrical engineer drawing and design electrical drawing, calculate load and approve drawing from ADDC
Electrical engineer drawing and design electrical drawing, calculate load and approve drawing from ADDC
I was working in a research institute as an intern. Everyone had a lot of autonomy with their work. Almost a third of the employees were scientists working on their doctorate. Very friendly environment. Everyone was willing to help. With people from all over the world their it was was good environment to new people as most people were genuienly interested in newcomers.
It was very friendly. EMployees were very friendly and helpful.
Extremely well balanced organization with Complete support to the employees and uptodate appraisal systems.
It had a good culture in terms of employee treatment, client satisfaction and overall company operations.
Nice friendly supportive inspiring.
I am so thank its my previous indutries there I learned professianal skills an.
Was mainly based on respect for employees, treating our customers with integrity and staying compliant as a business.
Transparent communication Clear and concise goals Innovation Each individual is involved in major decisions.
This is very good> but I am not comfortable with that.
It is a good company and enjoyed to work with them.
At my current company, different teams seemed to have different cultures. In New England, I came off a team was all about camaraderie, we lift eac.
Since I am self-employed, I can answer referring to myself as a company. The most important for me is the integrity, and valuing people. Customer relationships are also very important.
Since I am self-employed, that would describe my own vision and my own beliefs. I would say integrity, honesty and respect, appreciation and reward. That would be how I treat myself as a company if you wish and also my customers.
Talented, driven, dedicated, innovative and ambitious.
How would you describe the corporate culture of your previous.
Ever changing in this downturn. Lots of shuffling to survive and re-position for future growth.

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