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Are you efficient with your time?
Tell the hiring manager a bit about how you stay on track with your time throughout the day. You can also bring up a time in your career that you have been recognized for time efficiency.
Answer examples
"Yes, I am very efficient with my time. I ensure that I am on track by planning out my day through a CRM and Google Calendar. I have set tasks that are scheduled to ensure that I am on task and on my time target. In previous performance reviews I have been complimented on my ability to be efficient."

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User-Submitted Answers

Are you efficient with your time?
Yes, I like to define a timeline to meet my work targets.
I consider my self to handle high pressure situations well. I find important to understand your important task of the day and limit them to 3 or 4 things so that you have time for unexpected assignments. Dividing up my time into focus on one thing at time has been imortant in me not burning out.
Very much on time kind of person.
Not upto what I wish but trying hard.
I am a good time manager. I set my priorities well and ensure that am on schedule.
Yes. I time-box all of my projects so that I can focus equally on each of the tasks at hand. At times, getting distracted by interruptions is unavoidable, but I can always continue with my projects where I left off.
I am efficient with my time when focused on a single task, however I find it harder to get a large number of tasks done concurrently.
Yes I work on time territory management to get the best productivity.
I have a proven track of respecting deadline, so I would say yes.
My proven record shows that I always meet deadlines so I would say yes.
I typically utilize my time wisely, however I have been known to be a work-a-holic while learning new technology.
Absolutely. I work in a very self-starting and independent role. I have to be to keep up.
I believe in completing project on time whether you have to put extra effort in it because hard work is key to success.
I can manage multiple projects with varying deadlines and requirements.
Not really, but if I use Pomodoro method, I can control my time effectively.