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Are you comfortable generating leads? Tell me about your experience doing so.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Sales Engineers interview

Business development and the activities that come with that are very important topics in a sales interview. Talk about your ability to generate leads. How do you ensure that your sales pipeline is always full?

Basic answer example
"I am very comfortable with generating leads. Prospecting and cold calling are both tasks that I am good at. I will network and ask for referrals from my current sources. From there, I will utilize networking sites such as LinkedIn. In total, I have 12 years' experience in a business development role."

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Are you comfortable generating leads? Tell me about your experience doing so.
Speak at an event, listen at an event, Ask customers for referrals, Solve problems on your blog,
Yeah I have done many tasks where I was leading my team. I lead my team to win in a hockey tournament at school level.
Yes. I have been working as a sales engineer for the sales & marketing of Cooper Split.
Yes. Previously while working in doi I used to work in a group. Diff person were assigned with different jobs.
Yes sure. I have been doing it since years and I m quite comfortable doing it.
Yes I am. My experience involves making telephone calls and following up or the use of newsletters and advertisements.
Done it at school & College level and received nice compliments.
I am have no experience according to generating leads but I am from a medium family, by my father I learn very much about lead with the team.
Yes I have experience in oil and lubrication industries beater.
Generating leads has always been part of the sales job and developing leads that are credible means a lot to the company and as a sales engineer. Even though there are challenges that most sales men are confronted with, it has mostly been an exciting excercise to undertake as a sales man.
I am comfortable, and it has been a key in my career development so far. Always the first in the workshop drawing out work plans, maintenance, customer visits and comments.
Yes I am confortable generating leads. In my experience, generating leads needs a clear understanding of what the product or service that you offering does best. This allowed me to narrow the list of leads to ensure maximum success. Next step I did was to understand what the leads use to resolve the requirement right now and understand/prepare why our product is more better suited to their needs.
Ya I am comfortable to generating leads. Because in my previous company, I am responsible to lead 2 grops with10 students and it become a successfull.
Yes. Most recent experience has been as technical presales owner of a few names accounts was regularly meeting with customers. Asking, Listening. I have not generated leads outside of my.
Yes, I was group leader in various projects during my studies.
Yes. Generating leads is part of my daily task. Stay informed about new technology and how it can save IT dollars and then communicate to my customer audience.
Are you comfortable generating leads? Tell me about your experience.
Definitely. I recently recognized that there was numerous cases of confusion about the way we demonstrate certain key results from a riser analysis report.

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