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Top 25 Restaurant Manager Interview Questions
List of Restaurant Manager Interview Questions
  1. Do you work well under pressure?
  2. Share with me a situation where a customer was upset and you handled the situation successfully.
  3. What do you believe is the role of the restaurant manager?
  4. Have you ever had to fire an employee? Or explain your worst employee that you've managed.
  5. If a dish from the menu is not selling, what will you discuss with the Chef?
  6. What makes you an effective manager?
  7. Tell me about your experience handling office work?
  8. If our food costs rise above 30%, it has a big impact on our profit and loss. What will you do to lower the cost?
  9. What questions do you have for me?
  10. What is your greatest strength?
  11. What makes you the best candidate for this position?
  12. You see a server ready to take a burnt meal to a customer's table, what do you do?
  13. Why are you the best candidate for us?
  14. How long will you stay with our company?
  15. Have you ever been late to open the doors at a restaurant before?
  16. What part of the job do you dislike? What would you change?
  17. What do you know about our restaurant?
  18. We are struggling with leadership in our Restaurant, how will your leadership make us better?
  19. Do you enjoy talking to customers?
  20. Having accurate inventory, revenue and payroll reports are very important to us. What is your approach to handling this with precision and keeping them up-to-date?
  21. What employee promotion experiences do you have?
  22. Tell me about the last restaurant you worked at.
  23. You just noticed the chef using expired ingredients. How do you handle this situation and what do you say?
  24. Who was the best employee you've hired? Did you know this at the time of the interview?
  25. What are your goals for my restaurant?
  26. Why are you leaving your current position?
  27. What experiences do you have in the Restaurant and Hospitality field?
  28. We know there are many great restaurants in town that are hiring. Have you been offered another position yet?
  29. What are your cost-control abilities and strategies?
  30. What accomplishments are you most proud of from your last position?
  31. Tell me about your management experience.
  32. Where do you see our restaurant going if you were to take the helm?
  33. How extensive is your wine knowledge?
  34. What was the best company you have worked for?
  35. What are your experiences with hiring a staff?
  36. What trends would you like to implement at this restaurant?
  37. Have you eaten at our restaurant before?
  38. What new trends have you discovered in the food industry?
  39. What is your experience managing inventory?
  40. What one goal did you set for yourself that you missed at your last restaurant? What did you learn?
  41. Tell me about your worst confrontation with a customer.
  42. What is your best skill as a manager?
  43. What is your main weakness that you'd like to improve upon as a manager?
  44. How well do you get to know the customers that visit your establishment?
  45. What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
Restaurant Manager Information
December 18th, 2014

Restaurant management is the profession of managing a restaurant. Associate, bachelor, and graduate degree programs are offered in restaurant management by community colleges, junior colleges, and some universities in the United States.
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