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What types of respiratory illnesses do you dislike treating?

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How to Answer: What types of respiratory illnesses do you dislike treating? For a Respiratory Therapy Technicians Interview.

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    What types of respiratory illnesses do you dislike treating?

      How to Answer

      There is no wrong answer to this question. The interviewer is trying to learn a bit about what you don't like, which reflects your personality. Some Respiratory Therapy Technicians do not enjoy working with respiratory illnesses affecting infants and children, while others dislike treating respiratory illnesses in the elderly. Describe why you dislike treating certain respiratory illnesses and give a reason why. Then, turn it into a positive to show the interviewer that even though you dislike something, you find something positive about it.

      Krista's Answer

      "I enjoy treating all types of respiratory illnesses, but if I had to choose which I dislike treating, I would say it would be illnesses affecting children. My sister had severe asthma growing up and was limited in what she could do. Every time I treat a child with asthma or another respiratory illness, it reminds me of my sister. It makes me sad to realize these kids are helpless and may not be able to do many activities like my sister could not do. But, it makes me feel better after giving them a treatment and seeing their breathing improve. This is why I love my job."