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Why should we hire you?
What qualities do you have that make you stand out? You know you're qualified. You know you're capable and well equipped to perform the duties listed in the job description. How can you express that to your interviewer? Think of some ways you can sum up your qualities in a few statements. For example, you could say, "I graduated at the top of my class. I studied hard and learned to manage the stress in my life. Coworkers enjoy working with me because I am positive and dedicated to giving my patients the highest standard of care I could provide." Explain how your traits have produced results. Why are you the best candidate for this position?
Answer examples
"I graduated at the top of my class. I studied hard and learned to manage the stress in my life. Coworkers enjoy working with me because I am positive and dedicated to giving my patients the highest standard of care I could provide."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we hire you?
As a new graduate you will be able to mold me into the employee you desire. I
You should hire me because I am dependable, reliable, knowledgeable, passionate about what I do, caring, and teachable. I say teachable because I have a large learning curve and I understand that some skills are only acquired through real life experiences and cannot be taught in a classroom. I will learn something new about my job everyday.
Because I am excited about re.
I have a strong compassion for people and I am passionate about the field of respiratory care, I am excited for the opportunity to continue to learn every day in the hospital from every one of my patients; I feel very grateful to be able to be a part of the care team for critical patients, and I understand the relevance and magnitude of what we do and it feels great knowing that we make a difference in the world.
You need someone who can make the transition process as easy a possible and I think I will fit in very well here. I am qualified for this position, but I know I will be a better rrt tomorrow than I am today, and even better than that 6 months from now. I understand you are investing in me, and I know if you give me the chance I promise I will prove my worth to you.
Not only because I meet all qualifications for the job, but I am a therapist who cares about the quality of my work and my patients.
I have spent almost my entire clinical experience with this facility. I have been trained to this hospitals exact specifications. I am new, therefore I do not have preconceived notions of how things should be. I am willing to be trained to be exactly what this facility needs as a therapist and I am always eager to learn.
I know my resume looks like any other new grad, but what sets me apart is my dedication and care for the patients. I have a unique ability to connect with patients, make them feel comfortable and help them get better. I strive to do better within myself and do all I can to make a situation better, and if I dont know, I want to learn how. This field comes with many surprises and challenges everyday and the ability to work as a team and think together makes that much more of a progress for the patient and the company itself. I am a dedicated respiratory therapist and know I would be a great asset to the team.
I was a full time care taker for my mother who had Alzheimer's, I know how exhausting it can be & I have patience. I am a cheerful person & will be dependable.
I am competent, confident, dependable, honest, and I'll show up and always do my best to treat my patients to the best of my ability.
I strongly believe that I m the right person for this position my education has taught me the nessesary skill to allow to succeed in as RT
Flexible, hard-worker, team player, very honest.
I am a hard worker and I am a team player. I am always looking to learn something and I learn fast.
I would be a great assessed to the department.
I'm devoted to providing the best patient care with knowledge, experience, compassion.
I have been an RT for 11 years. Throughout my career, I have had a broad set of experience. This experience allows me to adapt easily to any situation. I also am able to hit the ground running so to speak.
I am a great fit for this hospital. I am hard working and am excited for the fast pace environment that I will experience here.
If you hire me I would be a great platform to showcase my skills whatever goals I set I ensure to complete them within the stipulated time.
Because other than my clinical experience I am coachable, reliable and team oriented. I am very great with time management and my patients always come first regardless of the situation. I always do the right thing even when no one is watching, and always take accountability. I believe Yale New Haven hospital shares those same values and as a new graduate who is very big in continuing education, I think this hospital is the best place for me to jump start my career and become one of the best therapists.
You should hire me because I am deadicated and passonite about patient care and respiratory therap.
You should hire me because I am a blank page, I can be trained as a good example for the company.
You should hire me because I am very dependable, hard-working, and great with communicating with my patients and other co-workers.
I'm a new graduate so you can mold me into the employee you desire.
I think I would be a great addition to this company. I work well with others and I am a fast learner.
RT internship is related to what I currently study. I believe that it would be a great opportunity to get experience at your work place. It is very helpful for my career.
Although I dont know any of the other applicants, I can tell you that I'am an extremely caring hard working person i'am someone that is responsible and punctual and always striving to do my best.
I've had three clinical rotations here at this hospital and I feel as though I would be a great fit to your team.
I am a recent graduate dedicated to quality patient care. I am eager to put my newly learned skills to work as well as continue learning from seasoned RT's.
I am a people person. I love helping and working with people.
Because I am a good candidate of this job.
Because I am good candidate for this job.
I have 10 years of experience.
I should be ace**eted because I have a higher dedication than the average student.
You should hire me because I am passionate and eager to learn.
I'm a quick learner and believe that I would fit well into the IWK because I am passionate about my future career as an RT. I also am a great team player and help coworkers when possible. I'm responsible as well as organized.
You should hire me cause I am a very kind and compassionate person. I love what I do. I have almost ten years of experience in this filed at a hospital and a nursing home setting. I treat every single one of my patients as if they were my family members. I'm a people person, in other words I have good communication skills and I am a good listener. I am also very dependable. I value time and my job. I work well with others and get along with every one. I have the skills necessary to succeed in this job and go beyond expectations.
I will never stop trying to better myself, my education, knowledge of the job.
I have been very successful in my education endeavors. I interned with you an was very quick to learn the therapeutic objectives of the RT department. I am a great team member an will always provide help to fellow coworkers. I am very reliable and trustworthy in regards to patients needs and concerns.
I am a hard worker, I am willing to learn new ways of caring for patients.
I am easy to work with. I feel I know my craft very well and can adapt to my to my surrounds. My always okay with feed back on my work and attitude.
I am a hard worker, discipline and dedicated to anything I do. I am also motivated and always looking forward to learn.
I excelled through the the respiratory program and would like to apply what I learned. As well as I have heard what an exceptional company you are to work for, and feel I would be an asset.
Because I am a dependable and.
I feel I would be an asset to your company. I am a great team player and work independantly. I bring a wealth of knowledge in all departments and am always eager to learn.
You should hire me because I would uphold the hospitals belief in providing exceptional care to every patient.
Because I have 7 years experience with this company, and I also have 3 years out of the 7 years experience with patient interaction. I interact with nurses on a daily basis and as well as doctors.
I am reliable and detailed oriented when it comes to my work.
You should hire me because I am determined to get the job done and I am an empathetic and caring person.I have also volunteered at nursing homes and I can use those experiences to help me as a respiratory therapist.
Because I enjoy this place.
I am a determined individual. I work hard and take pride in what I do. My career and my job is important to me and will come first. My bright personality, honesty and positivity is what I bring with me daily.
Clear communicator, dedicated, keen to always improve theory and skills, independant with own learning, prioritse,
Have been here for 2 years and I am familiar with the company and the clients.
Because I have excellent communication skills, compassion for patients, respect for co-workers and am clinically experienced (30 years).
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