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What was the most difficult part of schooling?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Respiratory Therapists interview

Sometimes the most difficult aspect of training for a new career is finding balance and managing stress. You may have also enrolled in a class that provided an extra challenge for you because the professor moved too quickly or didn't present the information in a clear way. Maybe you struggle to memorize medical terminology. Regardless of the difficulty, explain what it was and then elaborate upon how you handled it. The interviewer is more interested in how you overcame the challenge than the challenge itself! What tools did you use? Did you go to tutoring? Did you meet with the professor during office hours?

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What was the most difficult part of schooling?
The most diffucult part of schooling is remembering everything that has been taught to you in the first quarter of school. It is the time where students are bombarded with information as well as the expectations ahead.
I honestly did not find school too difficult. The most difficult part was probably finding the time to study. During my 2 years of school I had 2 babies. So being busy is an understatement.
I guess the drive. I really loved going to school and learning. This was very interesting to me and I am glad this is the profession I became a part of.
The most difficult part was being afraid to ask questions, fearing that the question was stupid, self explanatory and fearing that you will be looked at as unprepared.
The time commitment, just being spread so thin between kids, work, homework and clinicals.
The time commitment and juggling everything, my kids, homework, clinicals and working, it was a lot.
Time management and math.
Having to work a fulltime job while going to schoo.
The most difficult part of schooling was the fear that I may not grasp some information.
I would say honestly pharmacology.
Lung functions and learning the partial pressures.
Every thing was difficult and new to me but with practice and dedication everything is doable.
Nothing I really enjoyed it.
I didn't have a difficult time in school.
The amount to material covered at a time. It could sometimes be very challenging to memorize so much in a short period of time.
Having to learn so much in such a short time.
Clinical I would have to say. I say this because of the long hours and shift work on top of the school work that we also have. I prefer shift work versus monday-friday 8-5 jobs, however having exams, essays, test and presentations on top of shift work can be challenging. My time management skills definitely developed during this time.
Individuality with classmates not a lot of team work and not enough clinical experiences.
Figuring out how to prioritize my personal life, job, kid, assignments and clinicals.
Not seeing enough scenarios or situations in clinical rotations.
Having 3 lectures back to back with only a 5 minute break between them.
Accommodating family and class.
I think the most difficult part was learning about mechanical ventilation as it was a new concept to many of us, but once I understood the concepts, it was much easier.
Holding down a full time job and going to school.
Sleep not enough hours in a day to sleep study and spend time with my family.
Giving speeches to the class.
The most difficult part of schooling was trying to keep up and prepare for multiple exams in one week.

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