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What was the best thing you learned during your clinical training with patients?
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The best thing I learned from patients is to listen to what they are telling you.
The best thing I learned is that to properly care for people begins with listening to them and what thier story is.
I learned to never stop giving the best customer service that I possibly can. Even when the patient is not in a great mood. They may not show it but you could always touch their lives by giving them that special attention.
I loved patient contact. I have learned to be sympathetic to patients even when they are being hateful or less than nice. I have seen a lot from the clinical side and no one knows what someone has ebeen through. Take your time and do not be in a rush.
Yes. Life is vital so I need to give the proper medication for the patient.
Yes, every patient is different and the needs vary. There is no "one size fits all" treatment plan or action.
Listen, they might help you figured out the best treatment to the problem.
Yes in clinical rotations though school and the best thing I have learned is the ability within myself to connect with most patients and care for them at the same time.
Yes, I have over 1000 hours of clinical time with the program as well as the time I have spent working in the nursing home and as a care giver, I learned that every patient is different and that you can learn something from all of them and that you need to be assertive and tactful when providing care and communicating with them.
Yes I have direct experience with pts. I have learned time management more than anything. I learned how to multi task based on my routine and toggling back and forth from ER to main floor a lot.