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What motivates you to want to help people?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Respiratory Therapists interview

How to Answer

For many who work in helping fields like medicine or non-profits, they are driven by their knowledge that they can make a difference. You may have personally experienced the benefits of working with a respiratory therapist. Perhaps that motivated you to work in the field. This question is a good one to reflect on before the interview. Why do you like helping others? What do you get out of the experience?

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What motivates you to want to help people?
It has always been a part of my life, growing up my family has always instilled in me the importance of helping people. Not just physically, but emotionally as well, Whenever something was wrong I was always taught to talk about your feelings or anything that was bothering you. In relation to the physical aspect, my parents own a personal care home, so the fact that I always seen that helping people is a positive thing for both you and the patient, I wanted to be able to do that as well. It is very rewarding.
I have always wanted to help people. When I was 22, I watched my friends older brother who is a paramedic successfully resuscitate a drowning kid and from then on I wanted the ability to save a life.
I have always wanted to help people, but seeing what different disease proecesses can do to a body made me want to enter into the health profession.
I love to teach people about how to better themselves.
People would always ask me for help to show them where a place is. I would either walk with them or point them in that direction. They were very appreciative afterwards and tat's why I want to help people.
The gratitude and unbelievable feeling I feel within after helping a patient get better. The sincere thank you's touch my heart.
It's is my nature and personality to want to help people. Mi enjoy seeing a patient smile.
I am a care give by nature, I started babysitting when I was 11 and then when I started high school I got a job at a nursing home as a feeder aide for patients who could not feed themselves and I did that all through high school, right after high school I worked as a nanny for 2 small children and as an in home care giver for home care and elder services, its just something that I have always done and it comes natural to me.
I have always enjoyed taking care of people even when I was little I would be the one in charge of the band aids and that sort of thing then growing up I still enjoyed that sense of fullfillment when someone felt better because of something I did.
The genuine satisfaction I get from helping change peoples lives.
I had a lot of respiratory health issues growing up. Helping others makes me feel better about myself.
The fact that I have had good health thus far, and that many of my family members have not has made me realize how lucky I am. I want to help them to strengthen themselves, and I want to help people who have been less fortunate with their health issues.
Because I know how I want to be treated if I were in their shoes.
I've always been a nurturer and love helping others.
I am a care giver by nature, I started babysitting when I was 11, and then all through high school I worked as a feeder aide at a nursing home and then as a nanny and care giver after high school, It is just something that I have always done.
I have always had a heart for people and working closely with the doctors and nurses to treat and correct some of these illnesses give me a great sense of purpose.
I always liked to help my sister or my friends when they got hurt or werent feeling good it gave me a real sense of accomplishment.
My niece had an asthma attack so we took her to the ER and the RT helped her get well and I was drawn into the field first hand.
I feel like there r a lot of people in this world that are suffering from all kinds of illnesses, and to be able to help some of them is great rewarding. At the end of the day I love that feeling where I was able to save someone's life. That is very poweful.
I am lucky to be a healthy individual and would like to use my ability to help the less fortunate overcome their illness.
I dont know, maybe de feeling to change something, to have a reason to get up in the morning because people need you.
Being part of the team is very rewarding. It makes me feel good.
My parents. They both spent their lives helping others and I would love to be able to do the same. I have great joy in knowing that I can help someone to have a better quality of life.
Felt the need to make a difference.
Two people in my family are both in healthcare which inspired me to begin a career with it to. Personally, I see myself helping people and making them feel better makes me happy.
My youngest son & my brother in law.

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