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Respiratory Therapists Interview Questions and Answers
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What is your greatest strength?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Communication with others.
I pride myself on my customer service skills and abilities to work with difficult patients.
I try to be precise and accurate on any given task.
Being able to adapt to any situation in any environment.
I can admit when I am wrong.
My greatest strength is that I truly enjoy working with people (patients and team members) . When you are working together as a team you are more likely to find a solution in a problem just from the multiple options that are given.
My greatest strength is my communication skills and my perseverance. I apply 110% to whatever task i'm trying to accomplish. Regardless of whatever else is going on, i'm hungry, i'm tired, I don't let that reflect my work performance. I will handle discomfort to accomplish any task. For example, if a patient has a very bad staph infection and those are known to be quite odorous, i'm not the type to be squeamish about visiting that patient. I am very professional. Or for example, in our trade of work we deal with a lot of sputum, and i've had instances in the past where a patient with a trash coughs and sputum is found on their clothes or gets on my clothes, I still keep my calm and stay professional in the situation.
My greatest strength would have to be communicating with patients or anyone else.
I am compassionate towards all people. I take the time to get to know them to help ease there feelings about me. I always want to put a smile on people's face.
Problem solving with difficult situations.
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