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What is your greatest strength?
Think of a trait that your family members praise you for time and time again. Is it something you have worked at for years or is it a quality you find comes naturally to you? Strengths can be skills or traits that can help you in all kinds of circumstances. In a work context, your strengths will help you to complete your to-do list, understand patient needs, and apply what you have learned in your training every day. Being perceptive and observant will assist you when meeting with patients. Attention to detail will help you determine the best forms of treatment. What strengths of yours make you an exceptional respiratory therapist?

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your greatest strength?
My greatest strength is my ability to prioritize tasks.
Customer care and satisfactory performance of my job.
Academically, my greatest strengths are math, science, and literature. All three subjects are passions of mine. In reality, my greatest strengths are problem solving and going with the flow.
I have strong communication and interpersonal skills and my ability to multitask.
My ability to relate to people.
My experience at working and interacting with different people. I believe have excellent people skills.
I am a great team player. I always put 100% effort into everything I do and coworkers always appreciate that. I am honest and reliable which I think makes me a valued part of a team.
My greatest strength is I can solve almost any problem that I encounter. I believe that there is many ways to solve problems. If there is ways that I cant fix a problem I will seek help from my authorities and I will try to improve myself next time I handle another difficult situation.
My customer service skills.
I am an expert in broncho-pulmonary drainage, conducting breathing exercises and monitoring patient response to therapy by closely watching vital signs, arterial blood gases and monitoring blood chemistry changes.
I pride myself on my customer service skills and abilities to work with difficult patients.
My greatest strength is that I am always will to try and learn new things.
Good listener and patience.
I am a very caring and understanding person, a person that has respiratory issues is usually scared. Teaching the patient how to live a full and successful life.
Being able to adapt to any situation in any environment.
Problem solving with difficult situations.
Priortize multitask and team worker be proffessional loyal organized.
Communication with others.
I love to treat patients as like a family member that will give the positives out come.,
I make sure to always have a really positive attitude when I am working,
My greatest strength is my communication skills and my perseverance. I apply 110% to whatever task i'm trying to accomplish. Regardless of whatever else is going on, i'm hungry, i'm tired, I don't let that reflect my work performance. I will handle discomfort to accomplish any task. For example, if a patient has a very bad staph infection and those are known to be quite odorous, i'm not the type to be squeamish about visiting that patient. I am very professional. Or for example, in our trade of work we deal with a lot of sputum, and i've had instances in the past where a patient with a trash coughs and sputum is found on their clothes or gets on my clothes, I still keep my calm and stay professional in the situation.
Strengths are : 8 years of experience, fast learner, critical thinker,
My greatest strength is that I truly enjoy working with people (patients and team members) . When you are working together as a team you are more likely to find a solution in a problem just from the multiple options that are given.
My greatest strength is paying attention to details. Patients' interview, history and physicians' notes help to put together a more detailed history, help me find information possibly overlooked before.
My greatest strength is that I take so much pride in what I do, I put all of my time and effort into a job to ensure that I am able to go above and beyond the call of duty.
Communtcating with patients.
I try to be precise and accurate on any given task.
I can admit when I am wrong.
My ability to learn fast. I learn fast and I work hard to improve my self.
My greatest strength is the effort that I put in my work . I'm a little bit stubborn, so when I begin something I want to be done but done at the perfection .I love good word, and perseverance . I am not doing the work half done .
I am compassionate towards all people. I take the time to get to know them to help ease there feelings about me. I always want to put a smile on people's face.
My greatest strength would have to be communicating with patients or anyone else.
Get my job done well,, be a good team work, get to work on time ,
My greatest strength is that I am very compassionate, and I think it is very important to feel compassion towards other fellow humans.
I love to learn and I love to be involved in a team environment.
My greatest strength is my determinant to continuously improve.
I like to try and solve problems- it would be my dedication to do this. Eg I stayed late after a shift to try and fix the computer system.
My greatest strength would be that I'm w team player. Mim healthcare you absolutely need to be a team player not only to help coworkers but to give the best care to the patients.